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Friday, April 08, 2011

MediaWorks deal wasn't supported by the Ministry of Economic Development

Cough, cough - I'm sorry, what?

Govt warned on media deal
Officials warned the Government against making a deal with MediaWorks which allowed the struggling company to defer a $43 million payment for its radio licences, it was reported last night.

Communications Minister Steven Joyce has denied the deal amounted to a taxpayer-funded loan and says MediaWorks, which owns TV3 and a network of radio stations, is up to date with its payments.

TV One reported last night it had documents which showed the Ministry of Economic Development told the Government it did not see a strong case for the deal, while the Treasury said it would effectively see the Government acting as a bank and taking on additional risk.

The report said Mr Joyce initially turned MediaWorks down but its former head, Brent Impey, subsequently talked to Prime Minister John Key and the arrangement was eventually approved by the Cabinet.

...so MED didn't support this $43million loan to Mediaworks with an interest rate Ironbridge could not get on the open market to a company that Steven Joyce once owned, Brent Impey has a word with John Key and John Key over rules MED? After this, Brent Impey steps down from Drive on RadioLive! only to be replaced by former National Party Candidate Paul Henry.

And all of this when the Government are slashing public broadcasting.

I've never trusted Steven Joyce when he was so deeply involved with the machinations around the Exclusive Brethren in 2005, something the mainstream media NEVER point out, but I have several times...

In the week of the 16-20 May 2005, Steven Joyce had a formal meeting with the exclusive brethren who were organizing their despicable advertising campaign and Joyce met quietly with other pro-National lobby organizations telling them the two crucial messages were “change”. Change was the main theme the Exclusive Brethren ended up using, remember National weren’t officially having these meetings with the Brethren and Joyce was the hollow brain behind this.

Joyce also saw the draft pamphlets and advertisements from the Exclusive Brethren before they went out, remember National initially pretended they knew nothing about the Exclusive Brethren.

When confronted with allegations that this was a stitch up job, Joyce’s ‘response’ was that Stephen Win (the contact person on the EB pamphlets and advertising) wasn’t a National Party guy and it certainly wasn’t a National-funded campaign – that of course is a twisting of the facts after meeting with the EB and providing input and viewing all material about to be released by the EB, we can see how hollow Joyce’s response really was.

In 2005 Joyce wrote to electoral campaign committees saying that “in this election National is planning to go close to its legal limit for Party Vote campaign expenditure (meaning $2,240,000), That has not happened previously”. Interestingly when the donation declarations were delivered to the Electoral Commission not one name from National’s largest financial backers were declared after their donations had been washed through the National Party launderette, the ‘Waitemata Trust’ so that their political influence through financial donations remained invisible. Interesting side note isn’t it, Winston was crucified in the media for something the Electoral Commission, the Serious Fraud Office and the Police cleared him on, has National’s funding ever been given that level of scrutiny?

Steven Joyce was credited in the last election by National Svengali Peter Keenan for keeping on Crosby/Texter, the Australian spin Doctors who were so good this election at spinning the ‘change’ and ‘moderation’ con job.

The Hollow Brain went to Australia to meet with Crosby/Texter and on October 19th 2004 prepared the con job they would use to try and spin the election on, it is incredible how much of that con job was so similar to the con job the Hollow Brain used to win this election, let’s go through them…

1: Stop us going down the path to rampant political correctness.
2: Put an end to the grievance industry.
3: Make our community safer by locking away violent criminals.
4: Ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent on Education and Health and not wasted on Labour’s pet projects and bureaucracy.
5: Put in place economic policies that will lift all our incomes closer to those of Australians.
6: Tighten up Welfare and ensure that everyone that can work does work.

Note, none of this is policy, just focus meeting tested bigotry.

Interesting to note that when Joyce was challenged on whether or not Crosby/Texter was giving National advice in 2005, Joyce said there was ‘some’ advice but National had no plans of bringing them to NZ, which was a clear twisting of the truth because Joyce had been to see them in 2004, when challenged again Joyce fudged the issue and pretended to not know the depth of any Crosby/Texter relationship and advised Don Brash to claim he only met them in passing.

...so I've never trusted Joyce and now we have this situation where Joyce as Telecommunications Minister has greenlighted Mediaworks, a foreign owned media company, a $43 million lifeline because if the Government didn't do that, Mediaworks would have to hand back the frequencies to the Government.

Does that mean if the Rock was handed back to the Government that would be the end of sex tourism and exploitation competitions?


So while this Government butcher public broadcasting, the Telecommunications Minister is giving a foriegn owned media outlet a $43 million extension because of poor revenue? That's just not true, radio advertising is the most lucrative part of the Mediaworks revenue empire, it's the TV that is dragging them down, this money isn't going to prop up radio, its being used to prop up the highly leveraged Ironbridge idiocy that bought Mediaworks from Canwest.

And what was Mediaworks before Canwest bought it? Why it was a company called RadioWorks and who owned RadioWorks - wait for it because it'll have you crying into your keyboard - why current Telecommunications Minister Steven Joyce, he owned RadioWorks.

So the question has to be put, why on earth is Telecommunications Minister Steven Joyce cutting juicy deals for a company he used to own while Public Broadcasting is flushed down the toilet, a deal MED didn't support yet went through after Brent Impey spoke with John Key which then led to Impey stepping down at RadioLive only to be replaced by former National Party candidate Paul Henry.

Did any of the money that John Key gave Brent Impey against Joyce's initial no go into signing Paul Henry up to RadioLive in time for the election?



At 8/4/11 10:16 am, Blogger dave said...

Not to mention TV3 election specials on which is the real NZ party.

At 8/4/11 1:56 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

I thought you supported maori broadcasting?

At 8/4/11 3:48 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

Steven Joyce is our equivalent of U.S. Dick Cheney. The evil prick behind the stupid, greedy leader steering public funds towards corporations he has ties with. For Dick Cheney it was Haliburton. For Steven Joyce its Radioworks/ Mediaworks. SKY TV with its owner Rupert "I Love Promoting War" Murdoch are also benefiting from bullshit deals. There only getting away with these scams because they have control of the media more than ever before. Noam Chomsky suggests we should look to history to learn about these problems and possible solutions. Anyone have a spare catapult? I feel a siege coming on! ;-)

At 8/4/11 4:31 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...




At 8/4/11 4:46 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

...this nexus of student unions being disaffected and dilapidated with VSM.What little dissent that occurred was easily quelled.The labour party is moribund, with few members and even less money.The power to select (only maori) list m.p's and distribute these favours rests now with a tiny brown bro-ocracy-elite who jealously guard their majority control over an ever shrinking entity.

Why would you want to exclude us the whiteman from society and the economy?

It's a complete no-brainer.If you have people in poverty and deliberately kept on the fringes
of society and participating meaningfully in the economy as well, if you bring them into the fold rather than squeeze them out,give them a free education unlike what kerre woodham had to say on sunday about students being bludgers, keep them healthy and provide decent accommodation they will be a good functioning member of society.

If you have a policy that gives tax-cuts to the wealthy and relies on flawed 1980's neoliberal asset sales trickle-down a rising tide grow the cake don't divide it equally floats all boats then that is tantamount to doing that excluding them.

What kind of country do we want to live in?

I want to live in a country where we look after eachother!

I've got great faith in New Zealanders and I hope people would be much more concerned about my abilities and the things I believe in.I hope that's what they'll judge me on.

At 8/4/11 8:04 pm, Blogger jeremy said...

so the Telecommunications Minister gives money ("it's not a loan" - Steven Joyce) to a private media company in an election year. Sounds like they have maxed their spending cap for campaign expenditure in one go. if John Key is consistent he will now change the rules backdated.


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