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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lack of a credible Political opposition or mainstream media makes NZ a dull boy

A God damned monkey would be a better political opposition right now! And I'm not talking about one of those smart space monkeys, i'm talking the kind of monkey that steals things from stupid fat American tourists who can't chase very fast!

If Labour have finished self mutilating themselves, John Key is about to privatize the entire continental shelf of NZ!

Labour are in disarray, Winston First is a bigoted xenophobe party, the Greens are so weak they couldn't negotiate the sale of drugs to Charlie Sheen and the Maori Party by passing one of the largest land confiscations in modern political times should be shown all the contempt they deserve, but it's the unbelievable bias of the corporate media that is the real cherry on the top of this shit cake.

Last week footage of John Key is released making jokes at the Shire Volk of NZ over the purchase of luxury BMWs - that's not mentioned once in the paper today in favor of TWO stories about 2 different rivals for Phil Goff's job!

The NZ Herald asking right wing bloggers about the Labour Party leadership is like asking Gaddafi how the war in Libya is going. Why don't they just get the National Party to write Derek Cheng's stories for him and save time?

The backers of the corporate media are the exact same corporate backers of the National Party, why even bother invoicing Crosby and Textor when the media are literally writing National's press releases for them?

Could the Vast Ring Wing Conspiracy PLEASE make their corporate media lackeys look less obvious? That you aren't even pretending any more makes us all feel cheap.

The fact that John Key is detrimental to the 43% of NZers who earn less than $45 000 just hasn't sunk in, I honestly think the Shire Volk of NZ see Key's geeky cheesiness combined with his wealth and give him the thumbs up without any real appreciation of the shit storm he's going to unleash if re-elected. The privatization of our asset base and crippling of the social welfare will see more social inequality, more transfer of wealth to John Key's wealth class and a deepening of the social damages recessions bring.

Being forced to watch as Key's smile and wave political capital gives him a free pass to dismantle the public service for National's small g Government neoliberal wet dream is a masochism beyond the call of duty.



At 3/4/11 9:54 am, Blogger Billy Mckee said...

Well said Bomber, I totally agree with every word in that order.
How do we get more public action? I now you are doing your best. But not many peeps seem to care about where we are going.


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