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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Key and Brash Government

Let me lead or I'll bleed you dry, Brash tells Act
Don Brash will have a clear message for the Act board on Saturday: if his offer of leadership is rejected, his new party will potentially bleed the Act Party dry of any votes it has left. The former National Party leader has commissioned a nationwide poll to gauge the level of support for him as leader of Act versus Act under incumbent leader Rodney Hide.

John Key holds Government because his ill defined 'change' mantra was sold as Labour lite and was unthreatening to the mainstream. He has put in three years of smile and wave to earn the electorates trust to push through hard right policy if he wins this year, it's been a strategy that has kept the Shire Volk sleepy and cuddly without spooking too many of them so that the hard right elements of National can relax and start licking their lips as the privatization agenda quietly looms.

Don Brash is throwing the carefully constructed pretense of moderation John Keys spin drs have concocted out with the bathwater. By threatening ACT he has won the leadership, and for the rest of NZ, the left have finally got a reason to stop being apathetic.

Here is what the Hollow Men showed us was Don Brash Cosby/Textor spin lines from the October 19th 2004 meeting...

1: Stop us going down the path to rampant political correctness.
2: Put an end to the grievance industry.
3: Make our community safer by locking away violent criminals.
4: Ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent on Education and Health and not wasted on Labour’s pet projects and bureaucracy.
5: Put in place economic policies that will lift all our incomes closer to those of Australians.
6: Tighten up Welfare and ensure that everyone that can work does work.

...note, none of this is policy, just focus meeting tested bigotry and with Don 'Maaaaaaaaaari get too much' Brash leading a corporate putsch in ACT, a Key-Brash Government is enough to make those who voted Labour in 2005, National in 2008 to question voting National again.

It also makes any attempt by the Maori Party to cut a deal while our political equivalent of Monty Burns is a coalition partner as likely as Steven Joyce openly dating Taraina Turia.

The Hollow Men tells us that National under Don Brash knew who the donors in anonymous trusts were and were aware of secret funding campaigns by religious fanatics while having a plan of denial ready if that information ever saw the light of day. There were also a small bunch of rich right wing ideologues with links to America's far right who were creating secret agendas for Don Brash and let's not forget the out right lies and deceit used to hide this “secret right wing agenda” (their words not mine). What about the Maaaaaori get too much racially divisive racist crap where National KNEW what they were saying was bullshit and concocted a story to throw the media off the scent when that bullshit was detected?

A Key-Brash Government is the stuff of nightmares.



At 26/4/11 9:43 am, Blogger Gosman said...

As much as you dislike them the policies expoused by someone like Dr Brash are a valid part of the political spectrum and are supported by a good number of people in this country. Hence it is good for democracy that these views are able to be promoted by a party in the NZ parliament.

I might not like hard core leftist policies as supported by someone like yourself but NZ would be a poorer place if they weren't represented in the mainstream at some level, hopefully this level being fringe.

At 26/4/11 11:24 am, Blogger JonL said...

"A Key-Brash Government is the stuff of nightmares."
Well. it'll probably come to pass then........NZ lately seems to have a knack of doing what's worst for it's citizens!

At 26/4/11 1:01 pm, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

You're right to be worried about voter apathy.

With labour looking more like a soggy wet rag than a political force there is little to inspire the moderate left to go out and vote.

And even committed swing voters like my self can't help but think if they're a little sick to the stomach at the thought of voting for the current labour party but can't bring themselves to vote for what could be a hard right government; what's the point?

At 26/4/11 1:25 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

the point is keeping out a hard right Government, cause treading water is a dam sight better than drowning!


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