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Monday, April 18, 2011

Joyce's Run: New Horror sci-fi movie where students with glowing red debt escape Steven Joyce's hitmen

Key defends overseas student loan crackdowns
The Government is cracking down on overseas debtors and is considering shortening the three-year "repayment holiday" currently granted to students who have left New Zealand

There is nothing as odious as a baby boomer lecturing a Gen Xer about repaying student loans, here comes 'Joyce's Run' a sci-fi horror movie where uni students with debt that glows red attempt to outrun Steven Joyce's hitmen. How predictable and boring.

How about an amnesty to tempt our best and brightest Gen Xers back to NZ rather than bankrupting them for debt they should never have been burdened with in the first place?

Why not offer an amnesty to student loan defaulters and tempt them, their skills and their contacts back home to NZ? Why threaten to bankrupt them and why close off education to those over 50 who may be retraining due to the recession? Why make public education even more difficult to obtain rather than invest in it properly and reduce the total amount students need to borrow by introducing universal student allowances?

This nasty little piece of counterproductive bullshit will be supported because any NZer who manges to gain the ability to escape the gravitational pull of NZ gets a certain amount of resentment visted upon them. Steven Joyce could suggest student loan defaulters have coal placed on their genitals and the NZ Herald would still write an opinion piece claiming the Minister was being too soft.



At 18/4/11 4:10 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Shhhh!...Don;t draw too much attention to Steven's stupidity. He's just pissed off a load of prospective piloits as well.
Soon it'll be student loans that are only available for prospective right-wing journalists or those that have NO understanding of what that passe idea of the 4th Estate is.
But.....as I say, keep it on the down low...there is a rumbling and a brewing of really fucked of people - the likes of which we last saw when the anti-Facists strung people up from lamposts.
(No danger there though for Joyce - that blubbery redneck would probably counter a fall from a post's cross member - that is as long as someone was game enough to come rescue the cunt.

At 18/4/11 5:17 pm, Blogger andrew said...

To quote Granny Herald... "Pilot training was another issue that was being looked at, he said.

"We are currently loaning $30 million a year to people training to be pilots. Most of them don't go on to get jobs as pilots," he said.

"The write-off in terms of student loans (for pilot training) is in excess of 60 per cent, so we're looking pretty closely at whether we're doing that right.""

Since when do you get your student loan 'written off' if you don't get a job in the field you have been training for?

Unless I'm being really, really thick, and have missed something fundamental, I'm calling bullshit on that one, Mr Key.

At 19/8/11 11:32 pm, Blogger James Karalus said...

I am very worried that the UK might get M6 on the job tracking down New Zealand's who have not paid back their student loans. In fact I think that the UK has a team of over 10 000 experts working the case day and night to track down the scum bags... Where is my Bail out ohh mighty mother land, the greeks got one from the EU.


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