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Thursday, April 28, 2011

John Key licks Queens Corgy in royal wedding wankfest

The wankfest that is the Royal wedding is about to commit wall to wall media genocide this week. In the endless updates about what a parasitic taxpayer funded piss up gets you these days, a moment of sheer girlish delight was revealled when the chuffed and grinning John Key excitedly giggled that he had been licked by one of the Queen's corgis during lunch with the grand old duck herself.

Maybe I'm a tad cynical, but I'm not sure that what we need at a time when we are collectively balls deep in one of the worst recessions with a political far right corporate coup underway is media distraction by some class based romanticism and a geeky Key blushing because the Queens bitch licked him.



At 2/5/11 11:39 pm, Blogger Ng4toki said...

Ae ra;yes very cynical and for want of a better description a bit dumb considering the mokopuna's grandmother kind of is the one on the back of the money we don't make ourselves, not to mention provides the means called sensibility quite lacking on your part. Heoi ano, your most entitled to your opinion - FYI our two dogs were both beautiful corgis, beautiful asses on both of them - not like dumb hori dogs only good for bush pig hunting!


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