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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If I had given Mediaworks $43million, I'd want poll results this high

National climbs closer to record high in latest poll
The National Government's support has risen to near record levels while Labour's polling has fallen below the 30 per cent mark in a 3News poll reported last night.

Dear Labour Party - don't take the suicide pills yet, stop being spooked by cheap brainfart TV opinion polls that under represent large chunks of your support, stand your ground and politically argue for a better Government! NZ needs you in the debate!

How does Goff win? Easy - HE STICKS TO THE BLOODY ISSUES. Look in 6 months time the recession will be biting hardest, the realities of the privatization agenda alongside the public spending costs can't be hidden after the budget. National need 47% to govern alone, they got 45% last time. 45% is a political high tide mark for them in one of the lowest voter turn out elections. The 'change' mantra can't mask their policy, so if they get less than 45% who can they go into coalition with? If Rodney gets dumped, ACT are gone (even if he stays, he may only bring one person). Dunne could be rolled by Charles, that's a second coalition partner gone leaving the Maori Party who look increasingly likely to be fight a civil war against Hone leading to Labour winning split Maori electorate seats.

And you won't know what the bloody hell hit you when Winston starts up the populist barnstorming, wait for the predictable jump in NZ First votes. National will certainly have the most votes on election day, no doubt about it, but it's who commands the majority in Parliament that counts. Goff is still in the game.

Hold the line.



At 19/4/11 8:06 am, Blogger Gosman said...

Ummmm... you headline seems to imply that Mediaworks have somehow cooked the results of this poll as a result of the commercial agreement they worked out with the Government over their broadcasting licence. Do you have evidence for this or is this merely your biased supposition?

At 19/4/11 8:12 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh silly Gosy, it's called humour. Are things really slow at Kiwibank today? No sense of humour with people who count money hu?

At 19/4/11 1:19 pm, Blogger Steve Withers said...

I'm not sure one needs evidence to come to certain conclusions based on observations. TV3 News' Duncan Garner is relentlessly anti-Labour and anti-MMP. Is that because of the $43M "loan"? I don't know. But can someone explain to me why 90% of corporate media favour National while only 50% of voters do? It's that lack of balance that tends to give the real game away.

At 19/4/11 9:51 pm, Blogger Billy Mckee said...

No mention of the Greens there Bomber? surely they are going to be a n influencing factor?


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