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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hone's new left Maori Party launches today

As I suggested on Backbenchers on TVNZ7 in November of last year, and despite the howls of some on the right and left who claimed it would never happen, Hone launches something special today.

You have to love the 'Hone Heke' transaction tax. That's gold.

Hone 'Heke' tax key to Mana party launch
A financial transactions tax - nicknamed the Hone Heke tax - is among the policies being considered by Hone Harawira's political party to be launched in Auckland today.

The line-up of speakers at the launch of the party - to be called Mana - suggests its policies will be targeted at low-paid workers and Maori throughout the country, at the expense of the wealthy.

In a message to a unionist this week, Mr Harawira said Mana would be "anti-neoliberal, against monopoly capitalism, and against privatisation of the people's assets".

"The party and I will be pro-worker."

The strategy on taxes would be targeted at wealth such as capital gains taxes, death duties and asset taxes.

Margaret Mutu
Annette Sykes
Matt McCarten
Syd Keepa
Mereana Pitman
Sue Bradford
John Minto
Veronica Tawhai
Will Ilohahia
Lisa McNabb
Nandor Tanczos
Hone Kaa
Selwyn Muru

See you there.


At 30/4/11 9:33 am, Blogger sdm said...

And you call Brash radical? Hahahaha. this is a collection of racist, socialists

At 30/4/11 10:35 am, Blogger Bomber said...

That's all you've got Scott? You said this wouldn't happen, I said it would. Being a boss man, I really don't think you have any appreciation of how hard this recession has hurt people and that their concerns and their aspirations deserve more political voice than the rich free market elites you so eagerly worship.

Would you like some HP sauce with that hat you are having to eat Scott or will you be taking it raw with a pinch of salt?


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