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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Helen Clark's Nanny State Vs John Key's Daddy State

Music pirates need to be tackled with as much urgency as a Christchurch Earthquake

After only two years, National have used urgency 31% of the time, that's a lot of urgency. Urgency is supposed to be used if there is a glaring mistake in law, it allows Parliament to circumvent democratic process for an immediate emergency, it is not supposed to be used to ram any old bullshit the Government wants passed through at any time they think the public isn't paying attention, the way National did by tacking the copyright Infringing File Sharing Amendment Bill onto the back of legislation to deal with the Christchurch Earthquake that gave Gerry Brownlee the power of God.

Giving Gerry Brownlee responsibility for anything is in itself a moment to pause in horror, but tagging on powers to disconnect your internet in a setting where you are guilty until proven innocent all for the benefit of the movie and music industry is more self interested than John Key checking himself out naked in the mirror.

National Party MP Johnathan Young claimed we needed these new powers to cut you off from the internet within a setting where you are guilty until proven innocent all for the benefit of corporate music and corporate movies because the internet was like Skynet. You'll remember skynet, that was the fictional self thinking computer from the Terminator movie that declared war on human beings by launching a nuclear first strike against humanity.

So, we need to ram through law under a misuse of urgency where you can have your internet cut off in a setting where you are guilty until proven innocent all for the benefit of corporate movies and corporate music to prevent the Internet from becoming self aware and launching nuclear weapons against us do we? Whanau, I've heard some pretty crazy shit from the right wing to justify their vast erosion of our civil liberties, but to claim computers will become self aware and attack us unless we urgently pass legislation to stop people downloading the latest song by Britney Spears is a little like asking for anal sex on the first date. Sure you can ask, but we're both going to feel cheap and whorish afterwards.

Isn't it funny folks, in 2008 NZers threw out Helen Clarke because she was leading the stormtroopers of the Nanny State dykeocracy into your homes to force you into using water saving showerheads and power saving lightbulbs, yet this Government strips away your right to Jury trials, passes laws making you guilty before innocent and slashes public welfare while handing out corporate welfare and not a whisper.

Who knew that all National had to do to keep you Shire Volk stupid and uninformed was a whole lot of smiling and waving from an out of touch, medicatedly optimistic boy in a bubble multimillionaire.



At 19/4/11 9:03 am, Blogger Steve Withers said...

I don't buy the "We're in a hurry" justification for urgency. Being in a hurry is one of the very reasons to slow down and think about what one is doing. "Haste makes waste" is a tru-ism of proven worth over and over and over......But it takes intelligent, disciplined people to learn such lessons and act accordingly. National appears to lake one, if not both of these qualities. Sure, Labour used urgency, too, but not on this scale. Not even close.

At 19/4/11 12:18 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

Quite right, Bomber, we have had a shift from the relatively benign "Nanny State" to the rather worrying "Big Daddy State". I think Gerry Brownlee is being set up as the ultimate in big daddy for Christchurch.

At 19/4/11 3:31 pm, Blogger Burg aka El Presidente said...

hey hey knock over the twin towers or the chch cathedral tower and you write yourself the rights to do what you like to a nation mesmerised by a disingenuous smile, the smiling shark (they called him in the banking days) while his henchmen go about selling us down the road to overseas interests and making sure we have no rights to stand on when we all finally wake up and realise the little piece of dirt we were calling our own is actually a tiny fragment in a texan oilman's or Zionist bankers portfolio and that the police in storm trooper outfits outside your door are not coming to protect but evict you because the futures market believes you might be sitting on some gold, coal or oil that can be flogged to the chinese at bargain basement prices.
You try and ring your lawyer and even mates but HAARP's blocked the telephone frequency, the computers no longer an option cos that got taken months ago cos you were caught swapping some music files with ya pals. Your family can't do anything because the price of oil has meant you've garaged you car but the good thing is the trains are run by the same company that run the prisons, so there are plenty of stations nearby so the kids can easily visit as you stand trial for the arrogant crime against the state belief that you are a free entity.

At 19/4/11 4:48 pm, Blogger Dominic said...

Is it possible that this nasty piece of legislation was the result of the corporate overloads at Warner Bros. having the National Government over a barrel during the Hobbit 'crisis'? As if rolled back labour laws were not enough...

At 20/4/11 6:43 am, Blogger Brewerstroupe said...

"In a beautiful twist of irony, New Zealand parliament member Melissa Lee has been caught in a copyright quagmire. It turns out that just hours before she spoke out in support of the controversial new copyright law being rushed through parliament, she tweeted how pleased she was with a compilation of K-Pop songs a friend copied for her. "


At 23/4/11 7:58 am, Blogger jane said...

hey good comment, Burg, would be funny if it wasn't so scarily true...


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