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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Greens go to National, do they hate Auckland and the new Central Auckland Green Agenda

Greens soften towards Nats
The Green Party may open the door to a confidence and supply agreement with National, building on the work it has done with the Government on areas of "common interest" over the past three years, but admits the possibility is unlikely. A draft remit circulated to branches recently considers the Greens' support options after the November election. "Supporting National with confidence and supply is extremely unlikely given our political differences," said co-leader Russel Norman, "but the option is on the table for our members to think about."

Blue green is the ugly colour a deep bruise brings up, which is how a supposed deal between the Nats and the Greens should make everyone feel. It seems the Greens have not learnt one lesson from watching the Maori Party forefit any credibility they once had for 3 years of dead rat swallowing for just the chance to sit at the big boys table before the decision gets made.

That the Greens are even considering a deal with National is like having a drunk 18 year old at your Depty Leaders home at 2am. Sure nothings happened yet, but we are all disappointed with the lapse of judgment.

Other than the insulation deals that were already going to happen, what have the Greens achieved with National? The National Cycle way? That goat track to Mordor for the SUV hybrid mountain-bike blue/green clique? This Cycle way was supposed to create over three thousand jobs and has only created 200.

And why do the Greens hate Auckland so much? As Matt McCarten pointed out...

The only person in an electable position I'm aware of who has a record of workers' representation is former Auckland City councillor Denise Roche at No 11. I've respected her since we worked together on behalf of exploited workers when we were 20-somethings. But more concerning is that after the resignations of Keith Locke and Sue Bradford, the only Aucklander placed in the top 10 is MP David Clendon at 9th spot. On current polling, the Greens would get eight MPs.

Why do the greens hate Auckland? Why have they forsaken us? I believe that the Greens need a new sharper strategy and they need to start fighting in politics rather than hugging.

I think there are enough within the Auckland Central Green voting block of 5000 voters who would see the benefit of using the power they do have to become Queen maker handing Denise an Auckland Central Green Agenda that can make environmentally tangible changes.

Denise can't win the seat, she would require 10 000 more votes, that isn't going to happen. Rather than electoral stalemate, why not play to the strength Denise has as Queen maker to further actual environmental stakeholdings at an electoral level which Denise herself could evaluate. Denise should then be rewarded with a higher Green Party list placing. Would so many Green Party voters walk away from such a means to achieve better environmental outcomes? I believe Green Party voters are smart enough to see the value in that strategy.

Why are the Greens drifting?



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