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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Gower blames Goff for Gower's reliance on Whaleoil and Kiwiblogh?

The corporate media are becoming so obvious in supporting Key it's simply become a farce.

The NZ Herald asking right wing bloggers about the Labour Party leadership is like asking Gaddafi how the war in Libya is going. Why don't they just get the National Party to write Derek Cheng's stories for him and save time?

THEN the very next day, the Herald On Sunday despicably insinuate that David Parker, the MP they've spent the previous day building up as a possible pretender to the throne is stealing the wife away from a beloved stroke victim!

So how does one go beyond the sickening bias the NZ Herald showed last weekend? How about a Journalist who blames the sources he so lazily indulges upon to attack Goff?

That's right, Patrick Gower over at Mediaworks (who were given a $43 million lifeline from the National Government), has the audacity to attack Phil Goff because Gower claims the two sources Gower and the rest of the underfunded Journalist pool in NZ rely on for story ideas set the 'T-Bomb' story into the agenda.

It's like a lung cancer patient blaming the smokes while he lights up another fag.

The reason Judith wasn't wanted back is not because Whaleoil and that clown David Farrar said so, she wasn't welcomed back because it would have been a waste of resources and time when a much better candidate Louisa Wall was ready and willing and is the bloody future!

Listening to so many right wingers shed crocodile tears about the political integrity of MMP Party lists to justify Judith returning is like listening to NATO apologize for bombing more Afghan civilians.

Which is the same unconvincing bullshit of listening to the mainstream media whine and bitch about the power two far right bloggers hold over them while they still carry out the agenda of those two far right bloggers.



At 5/4/11 10:13 am, Blogger Keri Henare said...

Why do people think that an MMP list is even relevant 3 years on. The party was elected, not a certain person at the certain point on the list.

At 5/4/11 4:21 pm, Blogger Arto said...

As always, the compliant mainstream media sells out...

At 5/4/11 11:23 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

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