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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Government misuse of urgency offensive and a national disgrace

There has been a lot of chatter on the right and the left about this Government's misuse of urgency. Even David Farrar at kiwiblogh cant tolerate it, and the fact is, no NZer should.

Our democracy has a set of checks and balances built into it so that fucking stupid law doesn't get implemented, there is no honour in the way John Key's Government have behaved when it comes to misusing urgency, and there can be no skipping and laughing for those on the right, because while he's your boy implementing your right wing fantasies, the manner in which John Key has ridden rough shot over

This is not a left wing or right wing issue, this is a NZ issue of process and the truth is that John Key and this National Government have molested our democratic process in such a way that every one of us should be on our feet demanding the Government stop misusing urgency.

National Party online mouthpiece David Farrar and Labour's next hope for watered down wit, Grant Robertson have just concluded an investigation into this Government's misuse of urgency to bypass democratic oversight and the numbers are shocking...

Overall for the three Parliaments under the last Labour government the total percentage of time used for urgency was 13% (99-02) 21% (02-05) 10% (05-08). National have not completed their three years but are sitting at 31% after just over two years. Although they have another year to go, I think we can say on balance that National has used urgency more overall particularly because the percentage of time in urgency has remained high

...if Labour had pulled this shit, if they had rammed through legislation without the proper democratic checks and balances the mainstream media would be writing editorials on how to make molotov cocktails alongside the addresses of Cabinet Ministers. The fact John Key can smile and wave and get away with it is the tragedy.



At 13/4/11 1:00 pm, Blogger JonL said...

It just shows how f*cking stupid most people are!
If people can't get off their backsides and do something about it, they deserve all they get!

At 13/4/11 1:15 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Where's the link to David Farrar's blog on this issue?

At 13/4/11 3:10 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Did you read the first link Gosman? Is Grant lying Gosman?

At 13/4/11 7:11 pm, Blogger Liisa said...

see what they've invested urgency in this evening?:

- I think this and your earlier blog re TTP (+ ACTA) could be related...

At 14/4/11 8:19 am, Blogger Gosman said...

Where's the link to David Farrar's piece on this?

You mention he posted about this, (and I have read his very interesting opinion), but I see no direct reference to it on this Blog.

At 14/4/11 10:09 am, Blogger Bomber said...

The Herald seem to have seen his comments Gosman, in fact everyone has except you Gosman, although you point out you have read him. Slow day at Kiwibank Gosy? Bit of trolling on tumeke huh?

At 14/4/11 10:10 am, Blogger Bomber said...


At 14/4/11 10:20 am, Blogger Gosman said...

You keep mentioning David Farrar has written about this but you fail to provide a link other than to other sites which mention his opinion.

What is stopping you posting a link to his posting?

Wouldn't you prefer it that people linked to Tumeke if they referenced your opinion?

At 14/4/11 10:34 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh Gosy, you can see his opinion every time the mainstream media reference him.

At 14/4/11 12:05 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Why is it so difficult for you to answer simple questions?

Would you expect another blogger to link to this blog if they made a reference to it in theirs?

If so, why haven't you linked to David Farrars posting?

At 14/4/11 2:37 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

So Gosman, you're taking Bomber to account for linking to the Herald as evidence of Farrar's opinion; firstly, irrespective of links, do you disagree with the Herald's take on this? Secondly, are you defending National's use of urgency? As surely this is the point of Bombers post.

At 14/4/11 7:44 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

re-reading Bombers post Gosman, there's no reference to a Kiwiblogh post, rather to David Farrar opposing so much use of urgency, as reported by the Herald and as he stated on the news this evening. So what's your point?

At 15/4/11 10:21 am, Blogger Gosman said...

My point is Mr Bradbury for some reason can't bring himself to link to David Farrar's very interesting blog piece on this issue.

He doesn't mind linking to a NZ Herald aricle mentioning David Farrar's views and the Labour Blog post by Grant Robertson. Mr Robertson, to his credit, does link to David Farrar's blog.

As for my views on this topic, they are very similar to David Farrar's, as detailed on his blog post here http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2011/04/use_of_urgency.html


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