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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Everyone knows that National are going to sell Solid Energy to the Chinese right?

Brothers and sisters, when the Government weren't accidentally releasing their energy policy which is coal, more coal and even more coal, they were quietly meeting with the giant Chinese energy company Qinghua Group who is in NZ looking at several billion-dollar projects across the South Island.

This is happening as the Government allow Solid Energy to build a massive lignite plant in Bill English's electorate, the very same lignite that Qinghua Group are currently assessing.

Whanau, the Government are setting us up for a privatization of Solid Energy to the Chinese to dig up the dirtiest and most environmentally damaging coal. Not content to doom us to a 19th century energy policy, National would like a country that imprisons artists to have more influence in our economy.

Talking of power companies, Genesis Energy was caught using an ordinary maintenance shutdown which gave them a temporary monopoly to make a massive wind fall profit by hiking prices up 250 times the normal price. This is a State Owned Enterprise which is obliged legally to act in a socially responsible manner, but seeing as the State aren't behaving in a socially responsible manner, why should the enterprises?

Rather than make up stories about Phil Goff based on bullshit from Whaleoil and Kiwiblogh, why don't the mainstream media investigate Solid Energy's plans for Privatization to the Chinese?



At 6/4/11 10:08 am, Blogger Under-the-Apple-Tree said...

How will this work out in the ETS? Will it increase NZ total emissions and will the new owners pay the credits. The Government is free to allocate credits to emitters. Which companies will benefit from this allocation? I wonder.

At 7/4/11 10:44 pm, Blogger savehappyvalley said...

The taxpayer will cover the ETS costs. Welcome to a very expensive (for the public) term 2 of National...


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