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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cops shockingly claim public support for arresting Tiki Taane

Public will back singer's arrest - police union
Police Association president Greg O'Connor believes the officer who arrested entertainer Tiki Taane at a Tauranga nightclub for singing the rap anthem F*** the Police will have the public's backing.

Rather that show REAL leadership of the Police, that redneck cheerleader Greg O'Connor is claiming the public will support Police arresting artists who sing songs the Police don't like.

Why don't you grow up O'Connor? Why can't you ever be more than an apologist for the bloody cops? When will you show actual leadership and lead the Police into the 21st Century? When will the Police of NZ gain real direction from their Association?

O'Connor should be saying that the Police got this one wrong, that arresting an artist for singing a song they don't like was an abuse of power and step too far. O'Connor should be apologizing Tiki Taane, not trying to gather public support, because there is no public support for the bloody cops being able to arrest people for songs the Police don't like.

What was the fucking danger here? That Tiki sang a song during a tedious random search and that the Police came back at 3am and arrested him, where was the fucking urgency, the MOMENT where violence could occur? There was none. This was a sick joke that over shadows the basher pig who was let off by an authority worshipping Jury.

I suggest every NZer hums 'Fuck the Police' when they pass, every student radio station should start playing the song again, and everyone should go out and buy the best of rage Against The Machine.

The Taliban arrest singers they don't like, we are in Afghanistan killing civilians to stop this sort of shit, sadly our Police Association support arresting artists for singing songs they don't like. It's a disgustingly petty abuse of power by the NZ Police and a sad lack of real leadership on display once again from O'Connor.

I'll be saying all sorts of rude things about the Police on this weeks War on News, 10pm Freeview 21, are you going to arrest me Greg? I dare you to. Arresting Tiki Taane at 3am in the morning in Tauranga is one thing, you want to try and arrest me mid sentence on TV Greggy? I double dare you.



At 13/4/11 8:48 am, Blogger BobbyD said...

If he was just singing the entire song, even if inappropriate and obviously baiting toward the cops, it would seem an overreaction on their part.

On otherhand if he wasn't singing the song itself and just repeatedly chanting "fuck the police" to a drunken crowd in the early hours of a morning it seems pretty clear what intent and impact that would have.

At 13/4/11 9:34 pm, Blogger Sandra said...

could of sang cop killer by body count, nobody likes being interrupted at work i'm hopping he's not a high profile scapegoat


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