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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Cop not guilty on bashing charges
Martin James Folan had pleaded not guilty in Auckland District Court to six charges of assault.

The jury of five men and six women returned their verdicts this morning after deliberating for about five hours yesterday and one hour today.

Folan was embraced by crying family members in the public gallery when the verdicts were returned.

Folan was accused of one count of elbowing a teenager in the face in a police car, two counts of hitting a man's head against a concrete floor in the police station, one count of kicking a man in the groin or stomach, one count of putting his hands in a choke hold around a prisoner's neck, and one count of kneeing a man in the groin.

A charge of injuring with intent to injure over the knee in the groin allegation was dropped after Judge Roderick Joyce accepted there was no evidence to link Folan's knee to the victim's injury, which required his testicle to be removed.

The charges related to five incidents while Folan was working as a sergeant at the Henderson Police Station.

NO WAY! I knew he would be found not guilty, no NZ Jury finds cops guilty unless they are drunk, off duty and beating the snot out of a Detectives son! It didn't matter that 9 other bloody cops testified against this basher cop, and that a crushed testicle had to be amputated, our Police worshipping culture can see only sunshine and dafidails out of a cops arse.

Just like the death of George Harris at the hands of a Police beating, the cops get away with it once again. Our need to slavishly worship authority is one of our deep cultural faults.

Folan's bashings are all just a normal day at the office for the NZ Police, and our society supports those bashings. It is as ugly as that.



At 12/4/11 3:13 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

Accused officer blames his Glaswegian (Liverpool kiss) accent, I may come across as ferocious if I raise my voice.I can't help the way I speak!

In the words of Tiki Tane;

F#@k the pigs!

At 12/4/11 3:52 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

So sadly true, another side is Tiki Tane, hardly a rabble rouser, getting arrested because some bluebelly couldn’t handle a song. The graphic at top of post is most apt.

People say to me the cops are ok really, well they are not actually, they are violent thugs that now and then redeem themselves by finding lost trampers and cleaning up at car crashes.

Resist them when necessary and avoid the bastards whenever possible I say. Look at tasers-they are nothing but a compliance device in practice.

At 12/4/11 4:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This verdict is sickening and undoubtedly the product of a delusional unintelligent jury.

This guy is the definition of guilty. Maybe if it was some druggies testifying against him but 8 POLICE officers! AND other people.

Cops never narc on each other unless the conduct is of the most despicable type.

The only good thing is that this bastard will lose his job and hopefully become poor!

At 12/4/11 4:51 pm, Blogger BobbyD said...

Bit of a contradiction here Bomber, if their is a police worshipping culture then surely the testimony of the 9 officers would be far more valuable than the sole testimony of one officer in the eyes of the Jury.

And I'm sure the fact that the victim in the case you mentioned was a detectives son made all the difference in the eyes of the Jury. Not sure why you would even attempt to make a comparison here.

Perhaps and what is more likely, is that the public have a higher threshold when it comes to what violence is acceptable for the cops to use on criminals than the cops do themselves. They simply don't seem to care when such force is used on criminals ie the falwasser case/piri cameron and numerous other vigilante type cases.

At 12/4/11 10:37 pm, Blogger BobbyD said...

Pretty pathetic that morons like Chris are having a go at the police when they are the ones who prosecuted this guy and gave evidence against him. It was 12 of our peers who said the violence he used was ok Chris, not the cops who were saying the opposite.

Remember also what Justice Goddard remarked about their investigation and action into it.

At 13/4/11 6:30 am, Blogger snigie said...

That just let everyone in the police breath a big sigh of relief and go back to beating folks.


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