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Friday, April 08, 2011

Cloud Tents and plastic Waka's

John Armstrong isn't impressed with the plastic waka monstrosity...

So much for Bill English's much-heralded Age of Austerity. The close to $2 million in taxpayers' money for Auckland's "plastic waka" suggests the Old Age of Waste is still with us.

...but it's this bloody cloud tent and the fact that while it's being paid for as part of the RWC expenditure out of rates, it actually won't be for Aucklanders at all...

RWC revellers left out in the cold
The $9.8 million Cloud at the Rugby World Cup "Party Central" in Auckland will host trade displays for New Zealand industries while Cup revellers are left out in the cold. Details of the business focus of the taxpayer-funded structure became clear yesterday after it was revealed that a $2 million plastic waka was planned for Queens Wharf to promote Maori culture.

...so why the bloody hell are we paying for it if it's nothing more than a bloody glorified Exporters pavilion? Why aren't those exporters paying for this bloody tent? Why are Aucklanders paying for it and let's not pretend that no one knew this was coming, I asked Len Brown directly about this on the 22nd of September last year at a Mayoral debate...

"Why are millions (up to tens of millions) being secretly earmarked to be spent on a 'Cloud Tent' temporary structure at the 'Party Central' water front location and why is 'Cloud Tent' decision being announced after the election?"



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