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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brash replacing Hide greatest reshuffle since the deck chairs on the Titanic

Don Brash makes bid for comeback as ACT leader
Former National leader Don Brash is making a bid for a political comeback as ACT party leader – if it will have him.

Replacing Rodney Hide with Don Brash as a solution to ACT's meltdown is like repainting the Fukushima nuclear powerplant with lead based paint and hoping that works. The Monty Burns of NZ politics is more electorally palatable than the Oompa Loompa of Hate?

National strategists will be bashing their heads against walls. No one rallies the worst fears of neo liberal madness run amok than Brash, his dirty manipulations during the Hollow Men and his casual racism combined with a wide eyed acolyte view of free market economics is about as welcome to the NZ masses as a malignant tumor.

Imagine a National Party in conjunction with a Don Brash ACT embarking on a privatization agenda that would make Roger Douglas blush.

If you were feeling apathetic about politics before, this is the firecracker to wake you up.

Just imagine what a National/ACT Party led by Don Brash would privatize if they won the 2011 election?

I think a lot of NZers who voted Labour in 2005 and voted National in 2008 need to take a good long hard look at the kind of society a Key-Brash Government could create if they won and start considering their support for smile and wave politics. To those who made 2008 one of the lowest voter turn outs on record by not voting, you now have a reason to drop the apathy.

Don is THAT crazy he makes going out to vote once every 3 years over staying at home stoned on the couch a worthwhile proposition.



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