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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Brash-Key Government - a vote for John is a vote for Don

Brash aims for job as finance minister
Don Brash wants to be finance minister, and claims the Act Party could gain 15 per cent of the vote in this year's election under his leadership.

Now that Alan Gibbs took my advice and started his corporate coup within ACT to resurrect Brash into the new hope for the neoliberal right, we can see Brash's ambition unleashed.

The man who lied about knowing the exclusive brethren were funding him, the man who lied about 'Maaaaaaori get too much' the man who met neolioberal backers from the US to implement hard right policy in NZ, the hollow man who wants to make us a hollow country is back with vicious ambition.

Watching Brash on Breakfast this morning was chilling. Even though John is panicking and ruling Brash out overnight, the naked ambition of Brash was on display. He wants Finance Minister or Treasurer, and he intends to get it.

The pretense of moderation John Key has been allowed to cloak his policies with under his smile and wave political capital has been blown aside. A Brash-Key Government would whore this country off to the highest bidder, what wouldn't be gone by lunchtime under these two?

Would our nuclear free policy would be gone by morning tea?

NZers who voted Labour in 2005 and voted National in 2008 have to have a long look at what continuing to support Key would mean because a vote for National is a vote for ACT.

That's right folks, a vote for John is a vote for Don.



At 4/5/11 11:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man is a Nazi. With religious zealots behind him.


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