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Sunday, April 17, 2011

All Petrobras can be fined for is $200 000

Isn't it hilarious that everyone thought the Foreshore and Seabed was all about white people being able to gain access to the beach when really it was always about providing multi nationals with legal certainty. Doncha lurrrve that?

How good is the Minister for Mordor and Masochism, Gerry Brownlee's oversight when it comes to protecting NZ rather than Petrobras's interests? Pretty fucking shitty if you ask me.

Will we like Canada demand relief wells dug first? Of course not! Gerry tells us the voluntary code of 'Best Practice' will look after us. Really? A voluntary 'Best Practice' code is all that Gerry will implement? Gerry's press secretary knows 'Best Practice' unfortunately has the same initials as BP right?

If Gerry's vision of a water tight voluntary code that will protect us from oil spills and will be so carefully scrutinized that all the I's are dotted and all the T's crossed is so certain, then why the fuck weren't local Iwi even consulted over the Petrobras contract?

Maori ignored as Patrobras signed up
Labour's Maori affairs spokesperson is attacking the issue of a licence to Brazilian company to prospect for oil off the North Island East Coast. Parekura Horomia says energy minister Gerry Brownlee failed to consult Maori before signing over the Raukumara Basin to Petrobras International. “Nobody knew about it. It wasn’t discussed in Parliament and the Maori Party didn’t say anything. And all of a sudden you’ve got this huge agreement signed up even with this disaster in Mexico, and also without even talking to the iwi leaders, Whanau a Apanui, Tairawhiti, Ngati Porou, Turanganui, those people where it is relevant to,” Mr Horomia says.

...so Gerry's eagle like vision to assure us this drilling deal will be safe couldn't even manage to remember to talk to local Maori about this arrangement?

A voluntary 'Best Practice' code and a deal that couldn't even remember to talk to local Maori are a sign that Gerry isn't protecting our interests at all and by refusing to even entertain a relief well drill clause into these deals to force the oil company to drill a relief well first suggests that Gerry is once again missing the point and selling our cow off for a couple of magic beans.

We get a measly 5% while Petrobras takes 95% and the most we could fine them if something goes wrong is $200 000?

So Gerry didn't bother talking to local Maori, has got nothing more than a Gentleman's agreement of 'Best Practice', will get only 5% of the value and the most we can fine Petrobras for if something goes wrong is $200 000?

Mr Brownlee, take these fucking Magic Beans back to market and get our cow back now you clown!



At 18/4/11 6:26 pm, Blogger Fern said...

I suspect that the easygoing laws regarding prospecting haven't changed much since the days when prospecting meant digging an exploratory hole with a pick and shovel.


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