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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Epsom will dump Rodney and ACT will vanish

Fran O'Sullivan: Hide's antics leave spot in Epsom wide open22
Rodney Hide - dubbed 'the little corporal' by his growing number of opponents within right wing politics - would definitely meet his political Waterloo if a credible candidate stood against him for the Epsom seat at the November elections.

The ACT Party was desperately trying to justify their existence this week with their conference at the luxurious Barrycourt Accommodation & Conference Centre at Galdstone Rd in the cheap part of Parnel.

Judith Collins turned up to give children nightmares and promised more public floggings for shoplifters and solo mothers while Grand Cyclops Don Brash was on hand to explain that every Maori prayer spoken in public, puts us further behind Australia.

Proving that only half the active membership of ACT are also card carrying cross burning members of the Ku Klux Klan, one cheeky bigot cried out that ACT should re-implement 'shoot the natives' policy.

Hahahahaha! Racist prick. ACT decided that being politically irrelevant wasn't all they wanted to achieve this year and opted for Mining Industry whore as well with Rodney proudly proclaiming ACT's desire to mine conservation land with the claim that he loved open cast mines and breathlessly ooohd and ahhd at their magnificent arsenic laced scars on the landscape as possible tourism attractions.

Hmmm, let's see, holiday in Hawaaii, trip to the United States, brother in laws wedding, flights to the UK, amusement park theme rides, tour through Canada, you know what, I can't see Rodney visiting one single open pit mine when we took his $21, 974 dollar and 40 cent taxpayer funded trip around the world with his Girlfriend in 2009, perhaps the 'open cast mine' nature park fun run wasn't open that week he was staying at the Ritz.

Whanau, claiming that open pit mines are a replacement tourism venture is like suggesting we battery cage Kiwis for a special KFC drumstick food offer for visiting cruise ships.

Let me save Alan Gibbs any more of his money in trying to figure out why ACT are about to implode Charlie Sheen styles. The reason Rodney is out on his arse in Epsom is because most professional women in that well to do electorate have all had a sexist bully boss like Rodney and they saw what he did to Heather Roy and they automatically transfer their rightous vitriol onto him and as such would prefer to be seen shopping at Farmers by their Remuera Tennis Club girlfriends than vote for the laughing baboon again.

ACT go bye bye now.


At 15/3/11 2:23 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"ACT go bye bye now."
Fingers crossed....but....in the swirling morass that is NZ voter politics, I wouldn't bet on anything, anymore. The voting public do seem to mainly vote through their arse!

At 15/3/11 4:31 pm, Blogger Firefly said...

Someone, anyone, please please explain to me why the Prime Minister is such a coward that he doesn't have the balls to run a shoe-in (Banks) in the most wildly pro-National district in New Zealand?

Seriously. Key does everything Rodney says. And now, when Rodney has no power or reputation, and Key has nothing to gain by keeping ACT around, he still acts like he's doesn't want to upset the increasingly insecure ACT leader by being a real leader and increasing the party share in a safe seat!

Does Rodney have photos of the National Cabinet molesting a herd of goats? It's the only thing that makes sense at this stage.

Really, I want to know. Anyone?


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