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Monday, March 07, 2011

Who gave Gerry Brownlee Hulk Hands for Christmas?

GERRY ANGRY! GERRY CRASH! GERRY SMASH! What the bloody hell is he doing? Look the sheer size and enormity and stress of this dreadful quake can easily get on top of people, and thank God for strident voices like Lianne Dalziel who is prepared to speak up for those Eastern Suburbs, but what on earth is Brownlee playing at?

See why we shouldn't hand an enormous amount of power into the hands of one person? The legislation given King Gerry from the first earthquake means when the stress snaps him, he can carry out any crazy idea that pops into his head, including demolishing anything older than 2 years from the Christchurch landscape. I don't think the people of Canterbury have survived 3 major earthquakes just to have Gerry go ape shit with his hulk hands and start flattening the little that remains.

Look, this dreadful earthquake is an opportunity to rebuild Christchurch into a leading city of the 21st Century, the people of Christchurch deserve no less and the vision to rebuild that future MUST be a shared vision, having Gerry making decisions on the hoof is not the kind of shared vision that can give us that rebuild.

While on the topic of the Earthquake, let's remind folks that criticism has to be justified, purposely twisting John Key's statements about the farcical missing lists double counting the dead and not releasing those names to the public into suggesting Key was attacking the workers in the mortuary is a gross misrepresentation of what Key said.


At 7/3/11 9:11 pm, Blogger Inventory2 said...

Glad you picked up on the Key misrepresentation Bomber; in the circumstances, it's even lower than TVNZ's usual standards, especially when Key states that they saw the transcript of the press conference but ran the story anyway.

It's gutter journalism from TVNZ, and heads should roll.


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