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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Which idiot is advising NZ First?

There are few times when you want the names of the advisors of politicians so that you can publicaly flog them, this is one such occasion, which moron in NZ First thought it was a smart idea to auction of Winston's infamous 'No' sign?

It would have been a great idea, if only National hadn't had a better idea - Key's going to buy the sign.

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! What better way to ram home the point that Key won't cut a deal with Winston than by buying his infamous 'No' sign?

Key to bid $5000 on Winston's sign
Prime Minister John Key won't work with Winston Peters but he's saying yes to bidding on a controversial NO sign the New Zealand First leader once used as a prop. Mr Key this morning said he would bid $5000 for the sign at an auction in Wellington on Thursday night, to raise funds for Christchurch quake victims.

NZ First are planning their launch in April with 3 policy announcements aimed at National Party protest vote, with Key ruling Winston out a pavlov dog's voter reaction will occur leaving Winston just shy of the 5%, National will be laughing long and hard, NZ First advisors will be getting a roasting.



At 15/3/11 2:04 pm, Blogger Lyndon said...

NZ First isn't auctioning it; one of the press gallery (Garner?) who had the foresight to pick it up when Peters left it behind at the original press conference. He got to wave it to camera later when the 'yes' came out.

An a twist also somewhat reminiscient of Winston, Patrick Gower has donated his bottle of PM's Pinot. He said he'd return it, but now he's giving it to charity instead.


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