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Thursday, March 10, 2011

We expect NZ Cops to bash young autistic man

Christchurch looting case: Cops accused of bashing
Two police officers have been accused of beating a young autistic man who became "the face of looting".

Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp, 25, was arrested for stealing two light bulbs and an antique light fitting from a quake-damaged home in Christchurch.

But Mr Smith-Voorkamp has a mental disability that compels him to take light fixtures.

On the night of his arrest, he was beaten by two officers and taunted by New Zealand Army personnel, his lawyer Simon Buckingham said.

It's funny that no one really questioned the bruises on Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp's face, we all knew what had happened, we all immediately concluded that the NZ Police had beaten the living snot out of him and no one blinked.

We are so used to the idea that our Police force (who are a law unto themselves) would give the bash that no one thought to ask the uncomfortable questions, now it turns out the 'face of looting' actually has a mental disability, there's a dreadful silence in a pause of the mob. Suddenly those demanding belly shots to looters and leaving them to die slowly in the street and whom were demanding Smith-Voorkamp's public flogging are a little bit more quiet now aren't they?

If you ever want a true snapshot of who amongst us would turn lynch mob, check out the facebook page for what computer warriors would like to do to looters, my guess is 90% of them are also signed up to the Paul Henry supporters facebook site as well.

Funny that I don't hear these same volk screaming about the landlords who have put their rents up by massive 150%, isn't that looting?

The reality in NZ is that the only time the Police will get stung for beating people up is if the Police accidentally beat up the son of a detective.

Nothing to see here, move along. Or else.


At 10/3/11 9:48 am, Blogger Zero Elliott said...

Those tv reality shows about NZ police make me laugh out loud-every cop is SO courteous "watch yer head,sir"and such BS-the greater NZ public is SO ignorant and led by the nose,that they sent two innocent old gays to prison a few years ago in a scarcely disguised witch-hunt over a dog bite....no-one gave a rats arse about that,either.regards,love yer work-Zero...

At 10/3/11 10:13 am, Blogger dcrown said...

Reminds me of hurricane Katrina, where they sent in the national guard to shoot "looters" instead of senting aid to help their fellow citizens.
I'm not drawing a direct comparison, but there are some similarities in the way the arm of the law becomes judge, jury and executioner.

At 10/3/11 3:08 pm, Blogger steve said...

fucking pigs are just promoted school bullies. whats wrong with looting anyway, its all gonna get taken to the dump and buried, insurance will cover any lost/damaged goods

At 10/3/11 8:31 pm, Blogger sprog said...

After I got beaten up in a public place which was in front of a security camera, the cops threw me into a cell because I was half unconscious. I made a complaint but the security tapes miraculously disappeared. I'm still paying for the rehabilitation. Arseholes!

At 29/3/11 4:13 pm, Blogger travandchar said...

If you werent such a criminal then ya wouldnt even be approached by the police. If your gonna be a dick and cause trouble then really, what do you expect! Looters are the lowest of the low! They should get severely punished. After someone has just lost there livelihood and some little punk goes in and trys to take whatever maybe your last hope of regaining a life then Id beat the little shits up to!! And I know of many others that would do the same.


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