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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Takutai Moana Bill

Parliament in committee now 8:40pm

Hone speaking: Te Ururoa said it's National's bill and National's timetable - Maori party members must ask themselves this question.

Te Ururoa: intervenes. Nothing to do with part 3.

Hone: why did they say "make no bones this is a Maori party Bill"?

TU: Relevance?

Chair: Hone is entitled to make his presentation

[TU is trying to shut him down, these barbs by Hone are specifically directed to him and there's a palpable tension.]

Hone: Does the MP know? Minister can put controls on customary rights - included at their request? written by them? are the MP pleased to stand here and support it?

John Carter: Question be now put.

{Nats trying to shut the discussion down]

Parekura Horomia: DoC Minister may "impose controls" if adverse effects. Anyone may complain to Minister.

Hilary Calvert: [yucky racist stuff: "people who have scrimped and saved" to buy their property etc.]

David Clendon: Hearing opposition everywhere in the North from all sorts of people, not just Hone.

David Carter: Not one substantive speech by Maori or National parties. Resource consents granted in between the period will tend to say the other consents are not exclusive. Overlapping rights masy exist and if first one is determined will cut out other rights holders who were ignorant of the process.

Metiria Turei: Tau Henare shouting because the nats have whipped him not to speak to rush it through. Delete the tests - not right for govt. to determine tests for customary title. Courts should set tests. Crown has interest to keep bar high, retention of power economic control. Coastal mining - Crown uses legal fiction to control areas.

Te Ururoa Flavell: In Te Reo. Customary rights. [Didn't mention the tests from what I heard]

Kelvin Davis: Act is racist. It is not being gifted to Maori it is already Maori and was before 1840. Wardens should be identified.

Hone Harawira: Apalling benchmarks on Maori rights, many generations from now will wonder why Maori Party would do this. Maori people have declared their opposition to this bill. MP caucus should wake up and smell the shellfish.

Metiria Turei: Right to go to court, not this clayton's legislation. Court has flexibility. Continuous use of contiguous title is practically impossible due to colonisation taken by force. Exclusivity test is impossibly high. Why would Maori Party do this? Access and recreation. Won't have been extinguished. [and cut her off - calls Shane Jones. Just when she was on to the bit I've been discussing.]

Jones: It is muriroa - plunder - not Ururoa that will be remembered by this bill.

TU: point of order.

Jones: apoligise. Whether he likes it or not he'll be voting for it! 3c "of" should be "by". To bring lucidity to a dense and incomprehensible... MP possessed by National Party.

Tau Henare: [get's his closure motion. FFS.]

[Greens casting Hone's vote. Te Ururoa voting on behalf of the Maori Party - 4 votes in favour of National's closure on the part. Ayes 62 Noes 59.]


At 16/3/11 10:46 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

Hone speaking:
Te Ururoa said it's National's bill and National's timetable - Maori party members must ask themselves this question.

He is right, Hone is right the foreshore belongs to all New Zealanders


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