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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Takutai Moana Bill: More hypocrisy

Looky here, section 12: another cunty back door confiscation by the NZ government, I'd previously missed. So much for the bullshit reasoning that Ministers can't be trusted to give title away... to Maori and that it can only be via legislation in the case of Maori. It's OK though for them to give title away to themselves though isn't it - to create a situation that unilaterally pre-empts Maori title and then allows it to subsequently be transferred to private interests - all by way of a series of Ministerial pen strokes. Using sec. 12 to get it "vested in the Crown" and out of the CMCA and out of Maori title claims it can then be privatised. But giving Maori title through negotiations with the Crown over their own lands was thought so reckless and improper by the government that they took out that bit of the bill.

It's enough to make one's stomach churn - it's called racism.

There are many such clauses in this bill because at its root is the NZ government acting as the unreconstructed colonial entity that it is, ie. it is based on the advancement of the interests of the European/non-natives at the expense of the native population. That's what this comes down to - a modern day restatement of that institutional racism. The colonial entities enforce a terra nullius concept of radical Crown extinguishment of native title over as much native-held territory as it can possibly concoct - indeed the whole country - in order to enable European/non-native exploitation of those native territories on terms favourable to the European/non-native (and generally against the interests of the natives who are subject to the whim of the government without the legal rights enjoyed by the European/non-native). I'm using colonial and native here because this situation is essentially a battle of the past.


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Support the “Takutaimoana Hikoi 2011” – Oppose the Marine and Coastal Bill



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