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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Takutai Moana Bill: It's over for them

Third reading now:

Tariana Turia speaking: "conscience asks the question - is it right?" MP support this bill - right to repeal, right to restore... day in court." Meaningful representation. Work with govt., whoever the govt. is. "The politics of possibility" [ridiculous, now she's sounding ridiculous] we've honoured our word and got this 2004 law off the books, now test new law. [But test is fucked and ends with an invitation at sec. 60 (3) for the courts to find it doesn't exist at all FFS.] Grasp opportunity on a case by case basis, fooling no one if we think we've repealled it [!?] progress, improvements made. [Yeah - but not under National, that is what Finlayson has said, they won't be changing it.] Finlayson is good. I commend this bill to the house. [Oh that was sad, there is no support and the bill is so flawed.]

[Interruption from gallery. Man in Te Reo shouting down from the galleries. Security called. Speaker: you can have a waiata at the end as arranged. Yip. His protest was interpreted as a miscue of the "official" Maori cultural sanctioning of it. I feel ill.]

Shane Jones: Riddled with sanctimony, politics of betrayal. Suits the interest of corporates. Legal cases an expensive road, precious little result. Fossilise Maori rights, not evolutionary or dynamic, Maori rights viewed through prism of 1840. Ideas provided by Dr Cullen. Why are they tethered to National? What is left of their membership. We have heard of repugnance and disdain, Iwi loath this bill, curse the day they helped the Maori Party. A hollowed husk of a right. It's Hone in adversity has spoken something closer to the truth, the courage to stand. Submitters treated badly at the select committee. A sell out. This level of decit will be driven home by us. They have been sold out. The Attorney-General... No one will get near customary title. Dover Samuels has told me she didn't say anything in meetings. They've been sold out by Tariana Turia.

Bill English: Why does labour sound like Hone Harawira on this legislation? Maori and Pakeha learning how to work together in NZ. Solve the problem. Different views and history - how to express it, difficult to solve. This bill not what National wanted either. Testing issues over last two years, A-G deep respect and evenness of temperament. At least 3/4 of parliament able to wrestle with problem. [ie. acknowledgment that FSA2004 is being equated with what this bill is.] A step forward. Not a perfect answer, but I suspect a lasting one. A future Labour govt. will not undo this legislation.

Kelvin Davis: Process was flawed. Deliberation impossible. Legal anaysis was withheld... this whole horrible bill.

Metiria Turei: "No raupatu in our time" is what we stood for. Cowardice in 2004 and again have to be played out again. Divide and rule tactics by National. The right to be Maori in our own land denied. Confiscation. One difference - a Maori political force has for the first time a position to say no, and whether this confiscation goes ahead. 4 Maori MPs exercise this political power because of the hard work of others. Thousands have struggled and fought for. Why are they going to pass racist legislation. In 2004 we fought an enemy descended from the colonial forebears - then a genuine alternative, a Maori party. If Maori had power we would have a just outcome. Now betrayed. Greens have been tireless. Under this bill Maori customary rights are gone. Plea to Maori Party [good she's naming them individually.] Turn your faces to them, tell them you haven't been abandoned, but they will turn their backs. The Greens have not turned our backs on you.[That was the best speech I've heard in a long while.]

John Boscawen: This bill will create division and why we oppose it. Judges in 2003 Ngati Apa case that they can stake their claim in court - Act supports this. Ability to go and amount derived reduced so we opposed it. Another injustice. Codifies test not left to court. 12,500 private titles Maori have 3,000. Mineral wealth - iron sands. Test is a very high test the Nats have said, but that is not test - in 1840 our territorial limits were 3 miles, but now its 12 miles legislated for in 1977. David Parker has said a vote for the maori Party is a vote for the National Party. We have sought to educate, has National been honest with people. The boaties are going to get a surprise - temporarily anchor. Has been a racist element. Our position is different from Coastal Coalition - we beleive Maori have right to go to court, a tragedy for Iwi and Hapu and everyone.

Pita Sharples: [in Te Reo]... [both Te Ururoa and Rahui were listening to the translation. I'm glad I didn't hear whatever justification he had.]

Tau Henare: Be able to go to court to seek justice. I was on ZB talking about that. I marched over the harbour bridge in 2004 to seek justice. I was chair of select committee. The Maori Party have had to put up with vitriol. I accept apology Marayan Street made, time to move on. There will always be people who say this is my beach, can't do anything about this. This bill is "a wee bit better than the 2004 Act". To talk about colonialism, as the sister did, is 1850s, 1860s not now. Hone. Democracy works when you have dissent. To hikoi - mostly my relations - I congratulate them in their manner and brought their message. Do not commend Coastal Coalition and the One NZ Foundation and Act Party - causing racial troubles. This bill is the first step in playing in the big sand pit together. [And in this big sand pit Maori are left with the dog turds.]

David Parker: Sad this bill doesn't settle it. Very close to settlement. Assertion by Nat's it is settled is a fiction. Issues have narrowed. Never been about access to beaches. Maori Party blocked it, PM didn't pick up phone, we [Labour] were prepared to move in order to have a settlement with Nats and Maori Party to get certainty.

Parekura Horomia: Maori Party said they came here to repeal the bill, they have repealed the title. Undermine nature of commercial aquaculture. Don Brash red neckedness. Worst vitriol from Pakeha in Act Party - nothing worse than extreme Pakeha... and that's extreme Maori. It's about numbers. Maybe in 2004 we could have done better. In same catch-22 situation. I humbly ask them [MP] to reverse the decision. They have four of the defining votes. Irrespective of the law and courts we [his Hapu/Iwi] will determine there.

Hone Harawira: Rangatiratanga, our sovereignty is lost under this law. Opposed to this racist law - will become law when . MP votes against the people who put them in power. 89% of Maori do not want it. Te Ururoa when asked whose bill this was he said: National, whose timetable? National. [That's from my report - good on Hone for picking up on what people are saying]. Rahui and his statements . I support the repeal and a two year moratorium to come back with a better deal. Acknowledged support Greens, Maori people. This land we call Aotearoa. Takutai Moana: I pledge this fight will not end. Tu Motuhake. [Applause from gallery]

Chris Finlayson: Protect rights of all NZ, public access, navigation. Rights protection on an equal basis. Ancestoral connections to parts. Hone asking for a delay. [Gives timetable fromm two years ago.] Over 6 months noise does not equal principled opposition. [!?]. Agreement on repeal and on ability to seek title. Also view of Cullen, certainty and equity so should be codified, I have thanked him for his support. Never met a single Iwi leader who wanted to stop public access. Incumbent on parliament to put things right. We've struck right balance. UN Rapporteur spoke positively of bill [But as a hope not of substance]. They have repealed 2004 Act and no one can take that away from them. [Yucky bullshit. Theatrics, pouring it on.] This recognises interests of all NZers, rights a wrong, a just solution. [Applause. Good speech considering what the bill is, racism.]

Vote: Maori party: 4 votes "Very happily in favour". [Rahui - idiotic, disgusting. She gets to re-cast it.]

Hone: [in Te Reo].

Speaker: No vote cast.

Hone: Order! Why did they cast Maori party vote!? [Trying to get the Maori Party vote struck out, this battle is all the way to the line.]

Speaker: Vote had to be clear. I've ruled on matter.

John Carter: Seek leave so Harawira may recast. [given]

Hone: [Te Reo]

Ayes 63, Noes 56. Agreed to. [Order]

[Now singing a Maori song that the Pakehas might know. What an awful touch for this confiscation law. National MPs are standing as is gallery. Shame, shame, shame.]


At 24/3/11 9:30 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

We need a moratorium Tim.
pick your time before or after Foreshore or Marine Act,
But in the end it will always end up with New Zealanders owning the foreshore, but by then lot of Asians are here, different people, more New Zealanders.

At 25/3/11 12:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A sad day when neo-colonialism takes over, when they get Maori to surrender Maori rights in the house of representatives. For all NZ'ers to own the foredhore and seabed, they had to steal it from those that owned it in the first place. What was given by God to one cannot be taken by another without the full consent of all the original owners. The time has come ... to give it back!

At 25/3/11 12:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A sad day when neo-colonialism takes over, when Maori sign away Maori land rights. The Nats will disown you like you disowned Hone. For all NZ'ers to own the foreshore and seabed, it first had to be stolen from the original owners. What was givem by God to one, cannot be taken by another without the full consent of all its owners. The time has come ... to say fair's fair, to pay the rent .... to give it back.

At 25/3/11 10:02 pm, Blogger Sam Hill said...

how many people actually have maori land?


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