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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Simon Power to resign?

Whoa - and out of left field, the sudden stepping down of Simon Power???

Simon Power to stand down as MP
High ranked National minister Simon Power has announced he will retire from politics at the November general election.

And the speculation begins, was he pushed or did he jump and why would a high ranking member of the Government in a super safe seat decide to step down as some of the most controversial changes to our legal system are being rammed through

What on earth prompted this?


At 2/3/11 11:57 am, Blogger Johnny said...

Well he is a lawyer, some skeletons on their way out perhaps ?

At 2/3/11 1:15 pm, Blogger Tanya H said...

Perhaps the earthquake caused him to rethink what is important to him, and how he most wants to sepnd his time. More time with his young family, possibly. Inner ructions with his National colleagues, maybe. Perhaps some clashes, don't know, hard to say, all very mysterious, really.

At 2/3/11 2:38 pm, Blogger Tamara said...

Now that he's a former minister for the SOEs, the private sector is salivating and preparing wads of $$$ for Mr Power.

At 2/3/11 11:01 pm, Blogger Michael said...

One "Power cut" I don't mind. As you say something is odd about leaving partway through?



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