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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Q+A review

Opening monologue, half these jokes are mine, I'm sending Damien Christie an invoice. Yeah-nah!

Guyon is taking it to Rudd over the Libyan bombing, he needles him about oil, 'why aren't we bombing Syria if it is about humanitarian abuses'? Rudd is good, he addresses the issues head on, Libya is a special case, its abuse has been extreme, that's why we are bombing it and yes oil is a factor. Guyon asks does the West have any credibility when it comes to invading country's after the illegal war of Iraq (yes Guyon used the word 'illegal war'). Rudd was able to fire up and state that as the leader of Labour he had criticized the occupation of Iraq (yes his words, "occupation of Iraq"), and his argument is that if the UN didn't do something we would be talking about Ghadafi's massacre.

Guyon NAILS Rudd with the following question, "Do we tell China to be a democracy". Rudd refuses to answer the question directly, Guyon asks again, 'do we tell China to be a democracy', Kevin gets angry and trys to tell him that we tell China that some broad waffly things that don't mean much are us telling them to be a democracy. Guyon asks again, 'do we tell China to be a democracy?'

No he doesn't tell China to be a democracy.

Guyon makes the point that we are telling Libya what democracy should be with bombs, we don't whisper it much to China.

They clash again when Rudd pulls Guyon up about referring to Gillard as his predecessor and Guyon goes back and specifically notes she rolled him, ohhhhhhh the look in his eyes.

The panel is Jon, Matt McCarten and Don McKinnon.

Phil Goff is up against the wall. He is trying to defend Darren, he is attacking the 'trial by media', he is now on ice so thin it is astounding he's trying to pull this shit. He is claiming that he was protecting Darren's presumption of innocence by not going public.

His defense is extraordinary. He is doing the exact wrong thing. It's like watching a truck jack-knife in slow motion.

His loyalty to Darren is incredible, but as leader to the Party he has failed.

This could be the last interview Goff will be conducting as the leader of the Labour Party.

Holmes is hammering now, hammering nail after nail after nail into Goff's political coffin.

Goff is fighting for his political life, the smirk at the end of the interview was wincing.

It made Casey's bully smack down look like gentle kitten play.

Matt claims Labour are just going through the motions and don't believe they can win. Don says that he would have thought Phil after 30 years in politics would have been smarter, Jon points out the country need a bloody decent opposition. It's been badly handled and their loyalty to Darren has outshone their responsibilities to the country as an effective political opposition.

Paul Holmes showed today why he can be such a great interviewer. The interview found Phil utterly lacking for a better justification to behaviour by Darren that showed a massive lapse of judgement, regardless of guilt or innocence other than presumption of innocence.



At 27/3/11 3:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fact is no state has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign state.

The absolute arrogance of the white West on full display....how dare the leader of the US Barack 'Uncle Tom' Obama, demand that the leader of another sovereign state, simply 'step-down'.

In the words of Louis Farrakhan, "who the hell (refering to Obama) do you think you are?"

Farrakhan on Libya:

Remember in the 80s? Reagan murdered Gaddaffis baby daughter.


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