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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paula Bennett's Baby Farms - 'yeah nah'

Come July the Government will allow childcare centers to have up to 75 under 2's in their 'care' to force solo mums back to work. Babies need nurturing, they don't need to be dumped into one of Paula Bennett's Baby Farms so that the Government can go ahead with their legalized discrimination against solo mothers and now we have the report to show that Paula Bennett's Baby Farms are the exact wrong thing to be doing...

Under-2s best at home, says report
The Children's Commissioner has called for a review of paid parental leave, suggesting it is time to help parents to stay home for the first year of their children's lives instead of subsidising care elsewhere.

The suggestion, one of several in a report looking into the care of under-2s, has been welcomed by many - especially parents who want to stay at home but are struggling financially.

Commissioner John Angus said an increasing number of under-2s were being enrolled in childcare and for longer periods than before.

While many started between the ages of 12 and 24 months, there were cases of babies less than 10 days old being put into childcare so their parents could return to work.

The commissioner's report found childcare was not bad for very young children as long as the quality of care was high, but there were inconsistencies.

Dr Angus has now suggested the Government look at more flexible parental leave provisions in order to help more parents care for children under the age of 1 at home.

...isn't it hilarious? NZers screamed that the politically correct stormtroopers of the dykeocracy were taking over by attempting to end the legal defense to beat your children and decried it as as the worst of social engineering, yet dumping babies into Paula Bennett's Baby Farm evoking visions of Eastern European Orphanages doesn't register any social engineering fears whatsoever?

Is it because they are solo mother babies and as such deserve less empathy? Babies need love, why force them away from that love just to pursue discriminatory punitive social policies that don't work? What will be the long term impact on babies forced away from being nurtured to simply being watched in Paula Bennett's Baby Farms, and will we blame solo mothers for the results?



At 22/3/11 10:03 am, Blogger Anna said...

It only affects poor people, nothing to raise the ire of the masses.

At 22/3/11 11:32 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Long term effects.... that's what the conveyor belt into those private prisons is for. Then if we can hire them out at a couple of bucks a day like the Americans, we can start to compete with the Chinese in manufacturing.

At 22/3/11 12:20 pm, Blogger Angela said...

correct above, poor people are fun to spit on. its time for this govermnet to go but sadly nobodys up to the task. phil goff! yeah right! whos he again?

At 22/3/11 1:50 pm, Blogger dave said...

Factor farming infants very efficient at producing slaves. Rebellion.

At 22/3/11 4:15 pm, Blogger Linuxluver said...

Yes. It looks like someone is thinking ahead in providing more fodder for the private prisons.


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