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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NZ Herald uses joke news to pretend they aren't joke news

IQ card needed to save fools from alcoholism
NATIONAL - Friday, March 11, 2011 15:20 - 9 Comments
NZ has become a nation of lazy, good for nothing binge drinking booze hags according to the Hospitality Association. And the blame for this can largely be laid at the feet of New Zealand’s supermarket chains, who are encouraging this repulsive and dangerous behaviour by selling buckets of alcohol at near giveaway prices.

In a submission on the Alcohol Reform Bill today, the association said that there should be a minimum price for alcohol. And that’s fair enough. Poor people cannot be trusted to have the strength of character or IQ to control their drinking like well-off intelligent folk. Personally, instead of an ID card, I think the New Zealand government should enforce an IQ card. That way we can sell alcohol knowing it’s going to the right class of person. Those are my views, I’d like to hear yours.

I don’t understand the joke here – the NZ Herald is as shit as this fake news story – is this post modern cynicism? The NZ Herald is joke news and they use a joke news campaign to try and build trust? It's like Charlie Sheen fronting sobriety and 'no sex before marriage' campaigns.

Is it true that actual journalists are writing the joke news?



At 15/3/11 2:15 pm, Blogger Lyndon said...

Check the url on this one to see what the headline was originally. Can't say as they're claiming the moral high ground.

At 15/3/11 5:10 pm, Blogger Matthew said...

I am living in Japan at the moment, and some of the sensationalist crap that the Herald is writing about the nuclear plant situation makes me suspect that Bomber may in fact be right.

At 15/3/11 8:37 pm, Blogger alz said...

The same IQ card can be used for voting and getting a drivers licence.

At 16/3/11 5:43 pm, Blogger pjreed said...

Im more in favour of prohibition ,that way in principle it #####! it up for everyone.


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