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Thursday, March 31, 2011

National Party Father of all Budgets, and by the looks of it Dad is an angry drunk with a penchant for grievous bodily harm

The National Party aren't even bothering to lie to us anymore about their wet dreams to slash public services by hiding the cuts behind the quake, now they just let Labour's super nova implosion distract media attention while they tell us all in passing that they intend to axe all services they deem non-essential.

Do you really want the laughing clown and Bill English deciding what is and isn't an essential service? Doesn't Bill English strike you as the sort of devout catholic family man who self-flagellates? Do we really want a masochist deciding what is non-essential anymore than we want Gerry Brownlee with his Hulk Hands to be left in charge of rebuilding Christchurch?

Seeing as Key thinks people wouldn't die if he cut off their welfare and that the poor who need food parcels have themselves to blame, isn't leaving the axis of dribble in charge of pruning public services a little like Darren Hughes hosting a blue light disco?

How can we in the face of the worst recession since 1929 look to start cutting public services when the public desperately need those services?

It's those public services which saved lives in Christchurch, it's those public services that keep communities together, it's those public services that promote a standard of living that every NZer has as a right in this country of plenty to expect.

National had $1.7billion to bail out Mr Maggoo at South Canterbury Finance, National had $34 million for private schools, National had $15 million for the manufactured crises at The Hobbit while borrowing $120million per week for tax cuts.

If we are looking for things to cut, how about the $875 million on new frigate missiles? How bout less luxury BMW's? How bout those wealthy who have done so well from the tax cuts and the corporate business tax breaks pay some of it back?

Why is it always the weakest and most vulnerable in NZ who have to pay?

How's that 'change' feeling?



At 31/3/11 10:11 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

Politics can be a drag on the spirit so I've made some light acronyms to uplift ;-)

No Attempt To Improve Our Nation Anti Logic PARTY

Aggressive Corporate Thespian PARTY

Mana Allies Of Right Ideology PARTY

No Zeal For Immigration Rally Senior Tauranga PARTY

Kids Injured With Implements PARTY

Left Agenda But Only Until Recess PARTY

Get Real Eco Economy Now PARTY

This message has been brought to you by the NZAAAAAA.
New Zealand Association Against Acronym And Abbreviation Abuse


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