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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Military Strongman who runs secret Police takes over NZ

Next Governor-General announced
Former head of the Defence Force Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae has been appointed New Zealand's next Governor-General.

The National Party have gotten rid of the old Governor-General for costing Paul Henry his job and replaced him with none other than Lieutenant General Mateparae, that's right the former head of the Armed Forces and current spy master of the Government Security Communications Bureau.

Whanau, I hate to be 'that guy', but we are replacing our civilian Governor-General with the former head of the military and current head of our super secretive spying agency, the GSCB.

That's kinda like giving Darth Vader your power of attorney, shouldn't the Governor-General be a civilian with a proven track record in high public service rather than the head of the Army who also just happens to run the Nations surveillance apparatus?

Isn't it funny Brothers and Sisters, in places like Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain and Yemen, the people are dying on the street to get rid of military strong men who head the secret police, yet here in NZ we willingly hand it over.



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