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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Key enriches his wealth class, not all of NZ

Public welfare out, corporate welfare in, solo mums get everything while billionaires do without.

The Daily Kos ran an interesting piece comparing the cuts in American public welfare to the increases in corporate welfare...

...which got me to wondering what this Government are doing by increasing corporate welfare while slashing public welfare.

Whanau, the Telecommunications Minister Steven Joyce decided to hand over a $43million dollar deferred payment loan to a foreign owned media company he once headed while in the same week the Government decided to cut Public Broadcasting.

I don't wish to sound cynical, but has it struck anyone else that when it comes to public welfare this Government can't get the knife out fast enough to trim away waste yet when it comes to corporate welfare they respond faster than Charlie Sheen's crack dealer.

Compare the $120 million National borrow each week for tax cuts against the tens of thousands of beneficiaries Paula wants to force back to work.

Compare the $35million handed out to Private Education while gutting 80% of all public adult education classes.

Compare the $15million in corporate welfare to Warner Bros for a manufactured crises at the Hobbit to Radio NZ's frozen 5 year budget

Compare the $35 million spent on military boot camps that don't actually work to cut backs in early childhood public education.

Compare the $1.7Billion handed over to Mr Magoo from South Canterbury Finance to 10% cuts in Public Services

Whanau John Key isn't creating trickle down policy, he's defying economic gravity by demanding trickle up policy. Don't think of National as redistributing the wealth of society, think of them as reaccumulating it for all those poor millionaires who are doing it hard this year. Did you know that some families in Northern Wellington suburbs are having to holiday in Bali this year because of the recession?

Brothers and sisters, don't ask what the corporatocracy can do for you, ask what you can do for the corporatocracy.



At 15/3/11 8:36 am, Blogger Under-the-Apple-Tree said...

Corporate Winnings
Once again, there is a call to prohibit smoking because people die from smoking. The fact is that as human animals we all die. Good people die, bad people die, trees left alone to breathe in carbon live longer than human animals. It doesn't matter how we die, nothing alters the fact that humans live until they die. No one knows when they are going to die. No one knows how they going to die and even the fittest and healthiest of us die. No one knows what happens after they die. This is the mystery of life. In my opinion human life is just another variety of life on this planet.

Perhaps we should prohibit petroleum products because humans and other animals die on the road, in wars over oil supply.

Perhaps we should prohibit electricity, because humans and other wildlife die especially when dams are built or nuclear reactors melt down.

Perhaps we should prohibit dairy cows and sugar cane because people get fat and die.

Perhaps we should prohibit coal and diamonds because people die in the mining.

Perhaps we should prohibit wine, spirits and beer because people die.

But Humans are easily persuaded by money. Humans are inspired by profit and greed. We talk about the cost of dying. We talk about the cost of healthcare. Perhaps we could prohibit the pharmaceutical companies who persuade us that their chemicals are superior to a simple tobacco leaf in terms of relaxation, recreation, why use tobacco when we buy prozac, why use a cannabis flower, when we could buy a prescription for valium.

Lets support the corporations, lets give them our money, let them take over the simple pleasures before we die.


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