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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How can the answer to questions about Police shooting NZers be 'more guns'?

Latest shooting justified - Greg O'Connor
An inquiry into the fatal shooting by police of a man near Napier will show the officers involved were "left with no option", the Police Association president believes.

Police Cheerleader Greg O'Conner has responded to a Police shooting in Napier that killed a man by demanding Police should have more guns.

O'Connor said the Police Association's view was that all police should be armed. "At least make firearms more available so that when situations like this arise, police are not only able to protect themselves but just as importantly able to protect the public." O'Connor said it would take a person going on a "rampage" before the step was taken for police to be fully armed.

I'm not sure how giving more guns to Police would have stopped the Napier man from being shot dead, what does Greg want here, cops to have guns for both hands when they confront people?

How come every time anyone pokes O'Conner these days his first bark is always, 'More guns now'? His last 'more guns now' moment was over the shooting of two Police Officers who entered a home in a random warentless search based on little else other than, 'I can smells me some marijuana' only to be ambushed by the paranoid stoner. In that case O'Conner's 'more guns now' would have only worked if the Police had entered the house with guns drawn. Think about that, do you really want to give undertrained Police the powers to conduct random warrentless searches in your house with guns drawn?

Only Gaddafi wants Police to have those kind of powers.

And while the 'more guns now' mantra is ringing in our ears, here's the case of West Auckland Police Sergeant Martin James Folan who is accused of bashing 5 prisoners, one of whom he assaulted so viciously, the prisoner had to have his testicle removed.

What about him Greg, are we giving a gun to West Auckland Police Sergeant Martin James Folan, does he get gun too? He does? Oh he does, yay. Whanau, do we want cops like West Auckland Police Sergeant Martin James Folan having guns or do we want those Police who are highly trained to deal with the pressure of armed confrontation having the guns?

When it comes to arming all Police, I hate to use a Paula Bennettism, but 'Yeah Nah'.



At 29/3/11 11:35 am, Blogger patrick said...

As a Sergeant, he would routinely have had a firearm on his hip in the evenings when he was on the streets. He also would have had enough firearms in the boot of his van to arm his section.

In reference to the dead young man from the Hawkes Bay - if he hadn't picked up the shotgun, he'd still be alive.

At 30/3/11 7:35 am, Blogger snigie said...

cant wait till they get guns, it will introduce a culture of guns were totally unaware of at the moment and theyl be a massive underground surge of weapons as everyone wants one when all of a sudden we start seeing them in everyday life.
Then itll be WE NEED BIGGER GUNS THAN THE BAD GUYS and will spiral down till the cops are pulling you over for no WOF and putting a gun to your head like in the states and everyone will be wishing for the good old days!


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