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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ghost writer for a zombie reader

Publisher: No crime in ghostwriter for Garth McVicar
BESTSELLER? Garth McVicar says he has read all of his book but not the finished product. The publishers of crime crusader Garth McVicar's new book are defending promoting him as its author although a ghostwriter was used and McVicar is yet to read the finished product.

Sensible Sentencing Trust Grand Wizard and recreational gallows enthusiast, Garth McVicars released his memoirs this week, but because he didn't write it, he hasn't read the whole thing yet.

It's a case of Ghost writer for a Zombie reader,

Garth's memoirs start when he was just 15 months old. He was playing in the sand pit and some darkie kid stole another kids spade and bucket. Young Garth had to be held down by four kindergarden teachers to stop him from stringing the thief up from the swings on the play ground.

Garth touches upon important moments in NZ history, his abuse of Police who didn't kick Springbok tour protestors when they had fallen over, his throwing up on the day the Homosexual law reform bill and his dismay at the rise of chicks in Parliament.

It's a riveting ramble through the angry misinformed mind of 1950s white NZ, so its exactly like listening to Newstalk ZB.



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