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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gang Patch Ban as pointless as Michael Laws dancing

Judge's gang patch ruling 'wrong' - Laws
Former Whanganui mayor Michael Laws is refusing to accept a High Court ruling that the council's controversial gang-patch ban is unlawful and invalid.

The decision, issued by Justice Denis Clifford yesterday, will send Wanganui District Council back to the drawing board to create a bylaw that does not effectively ban gang insignia.

As predictable as a manufactured crises at the Hobbit, it turns out the Gang Patch Ban that was mindlessly driven through has had the exact opposite effect of banning gangs at all, so says the new Mayor who has managed to replace that racist right wing raw meat law and order clown Michael Laws and the High Court has followed that up with it's ruling that the by-law is unlawful and invalid.

Michael Laws who was recently attacking disabled athletes now attacks the High Court as 'wrong'. I love how it's never Michael and his knee jerks that are wrong, just everyone else's for stupidly not agreeing with him.

It wasn't just Laws who has made a dickhead of himself over this, let's not forget the Political Hypocrisy of ACT in their drive to push for more public flogging social policy betrayed every principle they once had...

Hide defends gang-patch flip-flop
The Act Party has done a complete flip-flop and now supports a proposed ban on gang patches in Wanganui, abandoning its bedrock philosophy of personal freedom in favour of a new hardline law-and-order agenda.

...let's not forget what Rodney originally said about the gang patch ban...

At its first reading in April, Mr Hide told Parliament he would happily vote against the bill because it was against the principles of freedom. "Freedom is about the individual, and the measure of a free society is how we move to protect the minority from the majority. If the majority thinks that people wearing glasses should be locked up, that is not freedom or democracy," he said.

...once again, just like the manufactured crises at the Hobbit, the media helped whip up the uninformed kneejerks to get the public opinion on side and never look back to see if that was justified.

Let's be clear, I have no time for gangs or the problems they bring, but worse than a gang is a Government that will arrest people for items of clothing they wear, such a draconian state is not what our grandfathers fought and died for on beaches far from home and we should never empower our State to that level of interference in peoples lives.

The Gang Ban Patch was never going to work and its a pity the media never looked at their own role in allowing this type of idiot legislation to happen with such little criticism. Perhaps the Media could reflect on another issue like denying prisoners the right to vote and ask if they've fulfilled their responsibilities on that issue as well.


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