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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fonterra screw NZers

Kiwis slam milk pricing
A Consumer New Zealand weekend survey has found 91 per cent of New Zealanders think they are paying a high price for milk compared with other supermarket staples and 79 per cent want a government inquiry into milk pricing practises. The survey of 1,000 New Zealanders asked for their views about milk and other dairy prices. Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin said the survey showed 66 per cent of people knew that one milk processing company - Fonterra - collected 90 per cent of all milk produced in New Zealand and 79 per cent of them thought that led to higher prices for consumers. Eighty per cent either agreed to strongly agreed that greater competition in the domestic dairy market industry would lower prices.

The National Party's best friend, Fonterra tell us we need to pay the international price for milk, but don't we already pay an unseen price for that milk? With rising demand on the horizon as Asia's middle class demand the creamy taste of Western diets, our future price for a product we grow here will only increase using Fonteera's argument.

But don't we already pay this politically well connected monopoly an unseen price?

Increase in dirty dairy farms unacceptable, says Fonterra
An increase in the number of farmers failing to meet effluent rules is unacceptable, says dairy giant Fonterra. The update for the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord showed significant non-compliance increased by 1 per cent to 16 per cent for the 2009/10 season. Overall the result for dairy effluent being appropriately treated and discharged increased 5 per cent to 65 per cent, reclaiming the lost ground from the 64 per cent result in 2007/08.

So Fonterra pollute our water, pollute our atmosphere with global warming gases AND they steal water that led to the Government robbing South Islanders of their democratic representation over water allocation. This is a cost we all pay as NZers.

To allow this Monopoly to degrade our environment AND THEN they have the audacity to tell us all that we must pay the global price they can achieve on the open market of international demand is an insult too far. How can 4 million Kiwis compete with 100 million mouths wanting our milk? We can't, we already pay a deep price to our environment by the production of dairy, why isn't that cost factored into the price and subtracted for the domestic market?



At 22/3/11 12:19 pm, Blogger Angela said...

dont the locals get it slightly cheaper than the export folk? thats how it normally works but not with these guys

At 22/3/11 11:25 pm, Blogger Grassroots said...

Went to an open farm day in the weekend run by federated farmers. They took us around the different processes on the dairy farm with farmers explaining everything. It was interesting, but of course a blatant campaign by federated farmers to give people the pro dairy message. "We do encourage the recycling of hay bale plastic wrap (21 layers per hay bale so its air tight)", "Palm kernel doesn't make people cut down rainforests, its demand for palm oil by the public thats to blame", "We only have these open days because the public are being misled about us", "People want eco friendly farmers, but don't want prices to go up". Fact: Fonterra produces 14 billion litres of milk per year. Fact: 95% of it is exported to 140 countries, one third of the world dairy supply. These guys are creaming it while our country slowly curdles!

At 23/3/11 9:51 am, Blogger Grassroots said...

I feel like I should add we do need dairy farms. Sustainable dairy farms. Last year fonterra had a revenue of $16.7 billion, up $691m on previous year with record payouts to farmers. I think these guys can afford to be more responsible with effluent and maybe even discount the 5% of product sold locally. After all its our rivers that aren't safe to swim in any more!

At 23/3/11 5:12 pm, Blogger Grhys said...

A simple solution would be to use the land and money for food forests and to not drink cows milk, there is only one animal designed to process cows milk and that is a calf. Change your diet and save our country.


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