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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Father of all Budgets - Key uses quake for neoliberal agenda

For those younger readers, the 'mother of all budgets' was Ruth Richardson's budget abomination in 1991, it slashed Government spending and punished those on welfare. It sent NZ into a steeper recession and deeply damaged society as a whole in such a way that all those connected with this nightmare have forever been held in a sort of political contempt for the rest of their lives.

Well forget all that, because John Key is about to break new ground in terms of implementing hard right economic policy as social policy by launching his economic Darwinism father of all budgets, and by the looks of it, dad is an angry drunk with a penchant for grievous bodily harm.

John Key is despicably using the quake in Christchurch to justify a gutting of the Government and implementing the widest swath of neoliberal small Government bullshit this country has ever witnessed...

Govt cost-cutting hits wide range of programmes
The Government's budget cost-cutting is likely to wipe out or delay a wide range of programmes and projects including those initiated by its support parties, ministers indicated today.

Working for Families is not 'middle class welfare' - it's welfare that makes NZers feel middle class, it's welfare for those NZers who generate most of the tax and is the only thing for many families that keeps them above water each week.

Does anyone remember why we have interest free Student loans? Do you remember how you are eligible for interest free student loans? The Student has to stay in NZ to be eligible, remember in 2008 the National Party screaming about our brain drain? Yeah, well interest free student loans is the tiny bit of policy we have to try and keep our students here in NZ.

But the cuts will come regardless because Key is using the quake as his justification, forget the fact that the entire economy was tanking in 2010, well before the earthquake hit.

Of course National won't allow some of their pet projects to be put on hold like their bullshit $2 billion motorway expansions...

Rebuild 'must not stall Auckland'
Prime Minister John Key says rebuilding Christchurch must not come at the expense of Auckland "grinding to a halt" as he prepares the country for a flatline Budget. There were concerns a fortnight ago that some major roading projects - including the Puhoi-to-Wellsford road and Waikato Expressway - would have to be delayed for at least a year to free up money for Christchurch.

...and note Key has the audacity to claim he's 'keeping Auckland moving' with this bullshit motorway yet won't give Aucklanders rail. We are no longer fearing a double dip recession, it's a triple dip recession...

Economic outlook grim until 2013 - NZIER
The outlook for New Zealand's economy will be grim until 2013 after Canterbury's twin earthquakes devastated the region and undermined an already struggling national recovery.

...and Key's response to a triple dip recession? A zero budget.

NZers need to grow up and look past the smile and wave spin and comprehend Key is an outright danger to our expectations of what Government in NZ should be.



At 23/3/11 11:23 am, Blogger Grhys said...

i hope he tries to box up a heap of pacific nations into one unit financially,then gets other larger nations to invest in this conglomerate and then we get told we are lazy and they send in the military to run it.thats how i would run the new zealand company

At 23/3/11 5:44 pm, Blogger Dave Gee said...

Oh please, "a gutting of the Government and implementing the widest swath of neoliberal small Government bullshit this country has ever witnessed"? Seriously?! We should be so lucky! Unfortunately this is the John Key National Party, and so it will only be tinkering at the margins, rather than the massive axing of state spending that is really required.

At 23/3/11 6:45 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

and so it will only be tinkering at the margins, THAT'S WOT JOHN HOOD SAID WHEN I GRADUATED!


At 23/3/11 6:51 pm, Blogger Ruahines said...

Indeed Dave, Fark all those bludgers and people in need. What we need is ACT eh! PFFFTTT!!
This destruction of Christchurch is like a gift to to the gnats. Unfortunately it is at the peril of our children and future generations. But what the fark, as long as we are okay.

At 25/3/11 11:03 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Kiwis should all buy pushbikes and cycle from one end of the country to the other. There won't be too many cars on the roads because of the price of petrol. You may pass key in his Merc some time.

Why not visit http://peteskiwiforum.blogspot.com

At 25/3/11 11:07 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

John key sacked hundreds of employees at Merril Lynch, and now sacks thousands of public servants because he doesn't like the public service.

The Key in the National Party rusty lock!

At 26/3/11 2:14 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Gut welfare under the guise of rebuilding Christchurch? Key will be lucky to physically survive another term.

At 29/3/11 8:31 am, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

I still think the answer is the 2025 taskfarce. As a disenfranchised Christchurch now defunct business owner I am choosing to support closing the income gap with Australia by actually moving to Australia. I know it is a turncoat thing to do, but seriously in my 50 years of looking at NZ from the inside it is time to stop caring about the crack whore who can't and doesn't want to be saved. If NZ's keep voting for an early Christmas they deserved to be the slaughtered turkeys like they are and are going to be. I just can't see how this economic spiral can stop by doing EVERYTHING opposite to Australia to grow our economy to be closer to Australia’s. So I am going to join them. Wake up NZ right wing. You get wealthy and we have a healthy society when the average Joe has $ to buy your goods and they make you wealthy. Then you use all you cunning ways to avoid taxes. That is how OZ is richer than us. If Key reads this he can sack the 2025 taskforce and slip me a few $ for the economics 101 lesson. Stop the slash and burn that just makes it worse. Until hell freezes over and NZ's wake up I am moving to where this is slightly more obvious.


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