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Sunday, March 27, 2011


You know when Chris Carter starts making sense that something terribly wrong has happened.

Is it just me or does it seem a tad optimistic that the Labour leadership seemed to think that an 18 year old running naked from a former Minister's home he shares with the Deputy Leader at 2am in the morning wasn't going to be newsworthy enough to get out to the media? What headlines were Phil Goff and Annette King banking on to remove the publics gaze? Alien invasion? The second coming? OJ Simpson breaking out of prison live being chased in a car with a gun to his own head ringing into Pierce Morgan to confess he killed lots of white women? I mean what the fuck?

Regardless of whether Darren is guilty or not, the massive lapse in judgment of having an 18 year old at your home at 2am in the morning after a boozy night on the town is enough to have been stepped down immediately, to allow this farce to continue under the presumption of innocence is not what mates do. Mates go, 'Maaaaate, that's some pretty heavy sexual allegation shit right there, you'll be standing down immediately and I will be making a statement right after you stand down'. That's what mates do, they hurry their mates into making the honourable and righteous decision when allegations are this serious. Mates don't stay shtum.

This is the Labour Party, not the Catholic Church.

Who know's if Darren was trying to personally extend his slim majority, what consenting adults in the privacy of their homes do ain't my business, but the fact he put himself into that position at all suggests his step down should have been a foregone conclusion rather than a timing issue through the media.

That Andrew Little didn't know beforehand is staggering.

The frustration is that when the Government are most vulnerable, when the reality of their disorganization in Christchurch is starting to become apparent, when their zero budget is being announced, when their crippling of the welfare state will go ahead, when the lives of the 43% who earn less than $45 000 per year are about to become increasingly more difficult, we have a political opposition in total disarray.

Now we have Judith Tizard telling everyone it will take her a week to decide if she'll come back just to stick it to those who don't want her back. Andrew Little has told her and the next couple of bozos to stand aside for the incredibly talented and under rated Louisa Wall, yet Tizard is playing the exact same pain in the arse bullshit that made her so annoying in the first place. What's the difference between the Labour Party and the Fukushima nuclear reactor? The Fukushima nuclear reactor knew when to stop melting down!

Is the leadership of Phil Goff now being questioned? If it isn't, Labour are officially the most stoned Caucus in the history of the Westminster system, the dilemma is who to replace him with. It can't be the usuals, it has to be the new face of Andrew Little who would bring a little radical twist to the fight. Would they go there? Who knows.

The only silver lining for Labour is that by November, the reality of privatization and the demolition of public services will have left the promising Mr Hughes as fish and chip wrapper fodder, and the public will be feeling the full bite of the recession. There is a political battle to fight and the Labour Party need to start asking themselves if they have the right leader for this fight.

They need to decide now.



At 27/3/11 12:54 pm, Blogger peter said...

There is no leader that I know of that can get us out of this muddle. The nearest I can think of was amongst the US (and we too were propagandized to the death about this evil man) who was Fidel Castro. What did he do. He made Cuba arguably the most self sufficient country in the World. Now by my reckoning that is the only way out and neither John Key nor Phil Goff would come within a 'Bulls Roar' of this. They are both in bed with the old crooked same old same old 'We must promote Economic Growth regime at all costs!

At 27/3/11 2:41 pm, Blogger dcrown said...

labour are screwed, they've been on a knife edge, election wise, for a while and now they're screwed.
Phil's a nice guy but as they say "nice guy finish last", he's not inspiring at all to me.
Also labour have offered no real policy to on anything that is important. All I've seen them do is complain about what National is doing, which needs to happen, but they look weak without any real viable alternatives.
This is going to be a depressing campaign for me, I have no idea who to vote for, the field is desolate.
Only good thing that I can see is the political death of ACT and Rodney Hide.
I hope Matt McCarten joins the fray, I would vote for him if I could.
Also the disgrace that is Maggie Barry trying to parachute into every available National safe seat is depressing, I see she's trying to jump into the North Shore now.
What does she want to achieve other than being a National lackey?.

At 27/3/11 4:19 pm, Blogger Portia said...

A Dalziel/Cunliffe combo would be interesting...


At 27/3/11 4:20 pm, Blogger Portia said...

Dalziel/Cunliffe would be a pretty awesome combo


At 27/3/11 6:48 pm, Blogger Grantavius Kennarius said...

"This is the Labour Party, not the Catholic Church"- classic.

At 28/3/11 8:46 am, Blogger Rae said...

If goff goes before the election...LABOUR would look like a major joke!

As for Andrew Little....i have been a lifetime Labour voter..but will never vote Labour again if he is Andrew little ever becomes leader.

As for Darren...what he does in his private time is his business....and that includes having naked men at this house.......and please...if someone makes a move on you....and you arnt interested... you say "im not interested"...get a life!

At 28/3/11 1:26 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Actually you should suggest they keep Phil Goff on and that this often mooted far left party gets off the ground. They should easily get over 5 percent on the back of Phil Goff's blunders.

At 29/3/11 1:14 am, Blogger pjsaxby said...

Of course Goff shd have told Andrew Little. Not doing so shows a lack of trust, and looks really bad when the story comes out anyway. But if that is the worst thing you can say, then it's not much, and Goff has shown loyalty to a talented, much liked MP who was in a bad situation. Goff will come out of this just fine.

With his political allies (Greens and NZF) scoring 15% between them, Goff and Labour only need a measly 30-32% of the vote to be almost certain of victory. The election is Labour's to lose. Changing leaders now would be insanity!


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