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Monday, March 21, 2011

Bully gets his

It's a thing of art isn't it?

The swagger of the bully.

His mates laughing.

Picking on the kid who doesn't fight back, and then suddenly he erupts.

The snap of the bully on the concrete and his shock at no longer being the abuser. The confusion on his face at not understanding how the weak managed to respond and humiliate him like this.

How silent now his mates, they aren't laughing, they are terribly quiet.

If only we could ask the bully, 'how does it feel now'?

Pure beauty.


At 22/3/11 9:04 am, Blogger Steve Withers said...

I had a similar experience 40 years ago in Canada...though there was no video then. I was 11. A kid, smaller than me, got into the habit of slapping or punching me and was becoming more bold and hitting me harder each day, often with his mates backing him up. I was a big kid and knew I could seriously hurt people if I let go, so I tended to try to reason with him. I saw him more as an annoyance than a physical threat.

But one day he gave me a shot and it really hurt. I made a decision to end it right there. I gave him a single, solid shot right in the middle of his face and broke his nose. Blood everywhere. He cried like a baby. A teacher came by and took me to the Principal's office. I explained what happened. They assumed, because I was the bigger kid, that I was lying...and I got the strap three times on each hand and was told that violence at school was not tolerated. This is one of several sources of my lack of deference to "authority". They punished the victim in my case...as they too often do, based on facile assumptions and preconceptions and an unwillingness to gather the facts and see justice done.

At 22/3/11 11:52 am, Blogger fatty said...

"I got the strap three times on each hand and was told that violence at school was not tolerated"

Sounds like Family First policy to me...the Bob McRedneck school of thought.

It exists throughout society...my violence is OK, yours is not.

At 22/3/11 12:22 pm, Blogger Angela said...

ha ha that little kid deserved everything he got

At 22/3/11 1:52 pm, Blogger JonL said...

It's quite big over here - peoples opinions are 9-1 for the "victim"....although there are some who see the "little" bully as the victim....the same mindset as displayed in Steve's post - big boy taking on little boy...how could he, etc etc etc
Hitler was small......

At 22/3/11 2:57 pm, Blogger Doug said...

Actually I think that is big boy vs little boy and his mates one which (at the end of the video) looks to be about the same size as the big boy.

When I was working the door at the Bush Inn back in the 80s I often found that it was the little vicious ones that started the trouble because they knew their mates were there to finish it.


At 24/3/11 1:59 pm, Blogger steve.king said...

I am a bit uneasy about how so many are celebrating that the bully got what was coming.... I think that even though you could argue that "he deserved it", the violence displayed by the "victim is also disturbing.


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