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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beneficiaries can't have their human rights breached because they're not human!!

Welfare group human rights risk
The Government risks breaching beneficiaries human rights if it goes ahead with some of the Welfare Working Group's recommendations, Children's Commissioner John Angus says.

The Children's Commissioner has pointed out that the Ideologically stacked Welfare razor Gangs 'work-sets-you-free' reforms are apparently discriminatory against beneficiaries, well duh, of course they're discriminatory, how else are we supposed to punish solo mothers, picking on just the gypsies won't do it, we have to have full spectrum discrimination and what better way to teach solo mothers about the sin of their ruttings than Government sponsored baby farms. That's right brothers and sisters, come July the Government will allow childcare centers to have up to 75 under 2's in their 'care' to force solo mums back to work.

These Paula Bennett Baby Farm will come complete with 'yeah nah' Westie answers to all your requests along with the jaw dropping hypocrisy of denying solo mums an education allowance that Paula herself benefited from.

The Paula Bennett Baby Farms, all stick and no carrot makes little johnny a prison statistic.



At 15/3/11 9:00 am, Blogger Paul Hickman said...

Get this: http://bit.ly/gERMdV


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