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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Banning 'legal highs' - YAWN

Restrictions on legal highs coming
Legal products that mimic the high given by smoking cannabis are set to be banned for under-18s. Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne today signalled the Government will tighten up its controls on synthetic "cannabinoid" substances.

Oh here we go, what's this bullshit Peter Dunne is pushing now, the man whose Party supports tobacco, alcohol and gambling - what is the crap reason these 'legal highs' are being banned? Oh it's bad for our health is it? These 'legal highs' are 'dangerous' are they? You know what, if it was really about 'our health', Peter Dunne would be banning the KFC Double Down Burger, heart disease kills many more NZers than illegal highs plus 'legal' highs combined.

This is just so Peter Dunne has something to go to the electorate to rattle his dags over.



At 31/3/11 7:13 pm, Blogger Richard said...

Actually, Bomber, the drug law reform movement (i.e., NORML) has been lobbying for R18 and marketing controls on synthetic cannabinoids for the past decade.

I'm pleased and surprised that Peter Dunne is opting for regulation, rather than an outright ban. For once, when it comes to drugs, the man's showing some common sense. Don't knock it!

At 31/3/11 7:28 pm, Blogger Dr Syn said...

I see that Peter is as boring and irrelevant as always.

Ugh, get rid of him.

At 1/4/11 6:54 pm, Blogger Rangi said...

Peter Dunhill strikes again.



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