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Friday, February 04, 2011

Unemployment up 6.8% - John Key HAS NO PLAN!

Key vows to deliver more jobs this year
Prime Minister John Key yesterday called for voters to maintain confidence his Government's economic plan will deliver more jobs this year in spite of a bounce in unemployment which Labour says is further evidence the plan is flawed.

As National works to convince New Zealanders it is the more competent manager of the economy, December jobs data yesterday showed the unemployment rate rising from 6.4 to 6.8 per cent.

Folks, I don't want to sound critical BUT John Key HAS NO PLAN other than selling off all our bloody assets - what part of that don't any of you understand? The economy is going to hell in a hand basket because we face the worst recession since 1929 and he wants you to not lose confidence? John Key is so optimistic, you could throw a glass of water at him and he would still say it's half full!

Look if I had $40 million and a mansion in Hawaii, I'd be pretty bloody optimistic as well, he's living in a bubble world utterly disconnected from the realty of most NZers, he wants to deal with a global economic crises caused by low tax, deregulated, Milton Friedman free market dogma by implementing low tax, deregulated, Milton Friedman free market dogma - IT WON'T WORK!

He says 'don't lose confidence' how can we not? Let's remember, Bill English said this GST tax rise to give large tax cuts to the rich was supposed to 'turbo charge' the economy - what did it do? It caused a $2 Billion deficit!

Look I appreciate you all LUUUUUURVE John Key, he sells aspiration. He is the cheese on a stick slightly out of reach of the rat on a mouse wheel - I get that - but his faith in free market policy suggests he is beyond ideological, he's theological.

It wasn't until 1935-36 that the full social damage of the 1929 collapse was felt, our collapse was 2007/2008 we are only at 2011, Alan Bollard in his book 'crises' points out that the bloody greedy American's had signed up a quadrillion dollars in credit default swaps - that doesn't just disappear.

In the 1970s the real economy and the financial economy were equally valued, 40 years of neoliberal policy has seen the real economy valued at 8 Trillion while the Financial economy is valued at 330 Trillion - those two economies are as disconnected from reality as John Key is and the very basics of Adam Smith 101 Capitalism tell us that one hell of a correction has to follow - we have to look at extraordinary measures to insulate our communities from the deep social pain we are about to experience, Key's plan to flog off our assets for a mere 10 months of staying in the black would be hilariously short sighted if he wasn't so serious.

I feel like John Key is the guy who in the eye of a Cyclone comes out and tells us that it's all going t be okay, just as the winds start to pick up again - this recession hasn't ended, we are barely half way through.

Oh, and as for John Key's fashion walk yesterday where he tried to mimic what he thought was a camp model - I don't think I've ever cringed as much at a political leader ever. Sure Helen would make me angry sometimes, but never cringe. This latest performance adds to his weekly MILF report on Tony Vietch's radio show and is diminishing the dignity of the position of Prime Minister.

We face serious challenges, all Key has is smile and wave with a spin polish that means the media never actually ask him the hard questions. How long will NZers delay the reality check that must one day happen while they are balancing their weekly budget to realize that Key's geeky Dad routine won't in fact help them out and that his policy is aimed at his wealth class and not the rest of us.

Pity Paula Bennett was overseas for her free training in America when the Unemployment rate was climbing again, i don't see many beneficiaries receiving that kind of support to expand their CVs.


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