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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thanks for freezing the milk Fonterra, now what about Palm Kernel?

Fonterra freezes price of milk
Fonterra today announced it would freeze the domestic price of milk for the rest of year, after criticism that it was becoming unaffordable for many families.

How magnanimous of Fonterra, they've frozen the price of milk. Isn't that the least they can do? Seeing as this monopoly we subsidize with our environment causes huge global warming pollution, steals vast amounts of our water and pollutes most of our rivers, forget the freeze, shouldn't the price of milk be near free when we consider the vast public costs that go into making it?

Thanks for the freeze Fonterra, now what about freezing the importation of rainforest destroying Palm Kernel?


At 22/2/11 12:45 pm, Blogger LaLoba said...

Here here! Put the pressure on. Organic milk comes from cows that are most definitely NOT fed using Palm Kernel. It is a requirement of their organic certification. So vote with your dollar and buy organic milk!


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