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Friday, February 18, 2011

Roger Douglas to return to his cryogenic chamber fueled by the tears of solo mothers

Douglas to bow out of Parliament
Sir Roger Douglas is hanging up his parliamentary hat at the end of the term in November, but not before firing a few parting shots at the Government and a lament for the old days.

So Roger is the first rat to jump from the sinking ACT ship?

Good, 1 down, 4 to go. My only happiness in this is that I got to cross swords with him personally during the voluntary student membership select committee hearings...


At 19/2/11 12:34 am, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill.

The 'clash of ideologies' is set to continue in 2011 with the 3rd reading of the bill to come before Parliament.

$500-to over $600.00 taken by the university on our behalf...well I'm sad that Sir Roger is the only one drinking in parliaments bar now all the camaraderie has gone from the good old days, but hey I'm with you Sir Roger.Stop ripping us off Uni!

At 19/2/11 8:11 am, Blogger countryboy said...

My only concern is that douglas will probably avoid a prison sentence for his appalling and unbridled greed driven treachery and for carrying the muldoon baton and creating a burgeoning underclass of otherwise good New Zealanders deprived of hope thanks to his deviant money fetish plots . A long sentence I admit but you get my drift . That fiend has my parents blood on his hands and is directly responsible for our falling house brick standard of living . I tell you what he has in that satchel . Our money !

At 19/2/11 10:55 am, Blogger fatty said...

"$500-to over $600.00 taken by the university on our behalf...well I'm sad that Sir Roger is the only one drinking in parliaments bar now all the camaraderie has gone from the good old days, but hey I'm with you Sir Roger.Stop ripping us off Uni!"

No student is a fan of the increased student levy, but if we were to follow Roger's ideology then we would be paying thousands more for uni as well as huge interest for those who need a loan.
The crippling of a generation would be much worse....you would be paying more.
Roger would be taking away the freedom of the right to education that we ALL deserve.
Not all of us have daddy's cheque book at the ready.

At 19/2/11 4:42 pm, Blogger sdm said...

Which of the economic reforms brought in by Sir Roger in the 1980s will the new left party repeal?

At 19/2/11 7:27 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

A really big discontinuity has taken place.One might even call it a singularity-an event which changes things so fundamentally that there is absolutely no going back.(Rogernomics and Ruthanasia).This so-called singularity is merely just the arrival and rapid dissemination mostly unevenly and unequally of the digital divide in digital technology between haves and have nots in the last decades of the twentieth century.As digital immigrants learn (a new language) like all immigrants some faster than others to adapt to their new environs they all retain some accent or aspect of their native tongues foot in the past.This much is obvious to the digital natives-school often feels pretty much as if we've brought in a population of heavily accented, unintelligible foreigners to lecture them and they often cannot understand what they are saying; the digital immigrant accent seen in things like turning on the internet for news second rather than first or reading a manual for a program rather than assuming that the program itself will teach us how to use it if we just read it first.Their are many examples of the immigrants accent and they include printing everything out that you read in hard copy rather than editing on screen (copy and paste ctrl C) and showing someone a website rather than sending them the link (URL).

At 20/2/11 11:18 pm, Blogger ewingsc said...

NZ Filmmaker Alister Barry provides some startling contemporary history

- regarding Mr Douglas :


At 20/2/11 11:33 pm, Blogger ewingsc said...

Ross Garnaut : Economic Hit Man

Garnaut is one of the cabal of economists who cooked up “economic rationalism” in Australia,

the radical deregulation, privatisation and free trade policies by which Bob Hawke and Paul Keating,

strongly supported by John Howard,

which gutted Australia’s manufacturing sector,

opened Australia up to international banks and currency speculators,

and transformed the economy from an industrial powerhouse to a combined raw materials quarry and highly-indebted services economy;

to direct its implementation,

Garnaut was Prime Minister Hawke’s principal economic adviser from 1983-1985.

Full article :



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