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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Rodney Hide costs Auckland $3.4million for unelected Maori Statutory Board

Council's Maori board to cost $3.4m
The unelected Maori Statutory Board will cost Auckland ratepayers $3.4 million a year to run after its budget was rushed through under urgency yesterday.

Councillors were given virtually no time to consider the budget, which has blown out from a $400,000 estimate - by the agency that set up the Super City - to a multi-million-dollar cost.

Mayor Len Brown will have to slash $3 million from existing spending in his first budget or raise rates to pay for the unbudgeted cost.

That filthy hypocrite Rodney Hide has cost Aucklanders $3.4million every year! This is the hypocrite who threatened to to bring down the Government if Maori were given the right to elect representatives onto the SuperCity, yet he signs up to allowing 38 Maori to be appointed to all 19 committees - if Maori had been allowed two elected representatives it would have cost $160 000, but appointing 38 NONE ELECTED Maori onto every committee will cost us $3.4million!

Let's be clear, I want Maori representation on our SuperCity, but they must be elected and not appointed!

David Farrar explained to me the strategy for Rodney in Epsom was to remind Epsom voters that if they didn't elect Rodney then Hone would hold the balance of power - the idea being that Epsom voters were such rednecks that they would over look a hypercritical sexist bully because they hated Maori even more. IF that analysis of Epsom voters is true, how the bloody hell will they react to 38 unelected Maori appointed onto all 19 committees costing us $3.4million!

If Hide was going to resign over allowing two elected Maori Representatives costing us $160 000, then he should bloody well commit Hari Kari for allowing 38 unelected Maori costing $3.4million!


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