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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Prince of Egypt

UPDATE | 11:30AM: Pro-Mubarak elements have clashed with the opposition in Cairo.That's Anderson Cooper getting his beat down from what I understand. He might have had an oversized pair of pink star of David novelty sunglasses on, but he was most likely attacked because he was from CNN. No pictures of any camels as yet. --ENDS

This is why we hate America.

It's not the proper role of the President of the United States to tell another country's leader when and how they are to resign. As if the American supply of military equipment to that regime gives it some sort of a right to decide on who the leader will be and what regime they will have. As if it were an American choice to make. It is the arrogance of an American to presume they have this power and a source of great resentment. Did the British or French or Canadian or Mexican leaders make broadcasts to the world calling upon the corrupted and increasingly unpopular President Nixon to resign during America's constitutional crisis?

The moral force of the US in calling for a regime change in Egypt is absolute zero. The US has supported the dictator in the interests of Israel and against the interests of Egyptians themselves and only now after the people have rebelled against the oppression of the tyrant the US says he has to go. Only now? He didn't have to go for the last 30 years when the people were suffering and the secret police were persecuting the opposition. That was fine then - it was fine last month and still sort of OK last week. The American proxy henchmen will be abandoned as soon as they realise they need to find a new henchman. Not because thousands have died, or other repression - that's all tolerated, forgiven and in many cases enabled by America - they only have to go if they look like they are gone anyway or if they turn against the US/Israel. That's Uncle Sam's diplomacy.

As long as the Egyptian leadership continues to break the Arab nation's boycott of Israel and stand idly by on the other side of the Gaza border while IDF operated American war machines massacre the civilians then the US will be supportive. What the US most fears is a democracy - that's the fastest path to an Islamist government and a reversal of all the selfish and ignominious collaboration with Israel. The hassle of having to endure a democracy in Lebanon is evident. The US would rather have the relative stability and certainty of a military dictator.


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