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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Parliaments Next Top Model

It's just so cringe worthy isn't it?

John Key has dumped most of the interviews where he can be held accountable for privatizing our state assets that we already all own, and is now preferring to imitate what straight guys think gay guys mince like at Rugby World cup uniform events while appearing on Tony Vietchs radio show to give his weekly MILF report.

Can someone please tell Mr Key that he's the Prime Minister, not a character in a reality TV show, this isn't Jersey Shore, John, you're not working up to getting drunk and half naked on the speakers chair lighting your farts, you are the Prime Minister

I don't care who you find hot in the over 40s market, I don't care for your offensive cannibalism jokes and I don't care for your cringe worthy camp imitation of what you think gay models walk like.

I was half expecting John to scream, 'I'm Free', so ancient was his 'are you being served' view of Gay people.

I don't care about any of that, I want to know why he is about to flog off half our assets using a the debt bogey man while proclaiming it's all going to help the mythical 'mum and dad' investors who will actually sell their shares offshore the second they get a better offer.

Apparently the next appearance on Vietchy's radio show will be Tony explaining to the John how to get those annoying blood stains out of your carpet.


At 9/2/11 12:09 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

John Key doesn't need to appeal to your viewpoint on what a Prime Minister should or should not do. Even if decided to be the most anally retentive and proper politician in the history of the planet you would still not support him. This is because he is from the center right of the political spectrum and you are from the hard left.

He does have to worry about his image amongst his core constituents and swing voters. Currently, it seems, they perceive him as being a down to earth kind of guy. Someone many people feel they could share a beer with quite comfortably and discuss stuff without being made to feel stupid. This is something that Helen Clark had trouble with as she came across as too pointed headed intellectual.

Until the people he is trying to appeal to change their position it is unlikely that the the behaviour you bemoan so much here is going to make a slightest dent in his popularity.

All you are essentially stating here is you don't like John Key. Noone expected you would.

At 9/2/11 12:31 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

LMAO - that's the best apologist position you've got to defend Key with this week Gosy? Good on you champ.

Even Key himself apologized for his cat walk!

Chin up, you'll make something resembling a point one day.

At 9/2/11 1:59 pm, Blogger JonL said...

Centre right Gosman? JK may think and believe he is - but his party are hard authoritarian right. Labour are centre right! (like most Labour parties around the world, these days - Australias Labour party are harder right than Goff's mob.
"it is unlikely that the the behaviour you bemoan so much here is going to make a slightest dent in his popularity" - you're probably correct there, unfortunately.

At 9/2/11 3:20 pm, Blogger fatty said...

Pull the hook out of your mouth Gosman...despite being smart enough to figure out why Noddy dumbs down his personality, you still find it refreshing.

That shows either your lack of intelligence, or that you have an unconditional schoolboy crush on the PM...which is it?

At 9/2/11 4:21 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

Agree, scares the shit out of me, but almost everybody I'm talking to who have traditionally voted Labour or Green are having real trouble with their options. None have endorsed Key which is good, but also don't want to vote for Goff or Norman.

Unfortunately, due to the incompetence of our useless meida, few people are truly aware of what we're likely to get if we don't vote National out, whatever the alternative.


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