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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Right Wing Party launches

New right-wing party now shopping round
Sir Roger Douglas believes the Act Party will survive and re-enter Parliament next term, despite the emergence of a new right-wing party that could split votes.

Reform New Zealand, a party that includes some former Act supporters disgruntled with leader Rodney Hide, launched its website yesterday.

Spokesman Andrew McLennan, a lawyer, said there was a core group driving the party. They were working towards gaining 500 members to register officially as a political party.

GRIN - I couldn't be happier, I want to see the right cannibalize itself pointlessly with no hope of getting over the 5% threshold, the difference between a new left party and a new right party is that Hone has the electorate, the new right don't and will need to get over 5% - they will never be able to gather enough coastal coalition people who think Vikings settled NZ before Maori, people who think global warming is really a hoax and pure Free Marketeers because even all of them gathered wouldn't actually get over 5%.

Colin Craig and John Banks are being sniffed at as leaders and Cameron Slater did not rule out standing as the leader on Citizen A last night.


At 18/2/11 9:40 am, Blogger Whaleoil said...

I want to be an MP like I want cancer. If that doesn't rule it out for you then nothing will.

At 5/5/11 7:34 pm, Blogger Ross Calverley said...

I like how Cam is the only one who has commented on this before me.


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