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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sweet Jesus, it's happened, the people of Egypt have won!

Now that hundreds of thousands are on the street celebrating Mubarak's demise, America slowly agrees to a 'transition'. Note there was no need during the last 30 years for a 'transition' folks, 30 years of the secret police torturing, 30 years of oppressive dictatorship, 30 years of repressing civil rights, no during that 30 years the authoritarian regime propped up by billions in American military aid that acts as corporate welfare for America's military industrial complex to secure peace for America's 51st state, Israel was perfectly acceptable, but now that Facebook and twitter have undermined all that effort to keep an American backed dictator in place means a 'transition' is now necessary.

And who is that 'transition' going to? Why none other than Vice President Suleiman who helped the US with their CIA torture rendition programs. So now the facade of one dictator slips, America is quick to prop up their next dictator.

Who did America send to discuss this transition, why none other than Frank Wisner whose father oversaw the Iranian coup, whom has shares in Egypts largest bank and whom has worked for a company that represented the current dictator. Unsurprisingly Frank came out supporting Mubarak.

This hasn't been about freedom and democracy for America, it's about subservience and corporate profits.

There is a fear in the West that if the people of Egypt are allowed to elect their own Government that they will elect an Islamic Government, so what? That's democracy, that's the legacy of radicalizing people over decades from grinding poverty, that's what happens when all the aid you give is spent on guns instead of sanitation, fresh water, schools and hospitals. You reap what you sow America, perhaps instead of aiming to prop up the next repressive dictator you give the people of Egypt their freedom and put aid into things that will help the people rather than F-16 fighter planes and naval ships.

What shame that John Key was against the tide of history and supported Mubarak, something he should forever be ashamed of!

For now though this is the moment when the people of Egypt managed to over come America's dictatorship and over throw Mubarak for the freedom we take for granted in the West.

We have just witnessed history, we have witnessed that freedom can overcome America and Israel's desire to deny it, we have witnessed a new generation using facebook and twitter to overcome tyranny.

Congratulations Egypt! We are ALL Egyptians today!


At 12/2/11 11:12 am, Blogger dave said...

The Revolution has Begun: let's make it International and Permanent! http://amplify.com/u/apwzl

At 12/2/11 11:53 am, Blogger why? said...

Suleiman is out too. Under the Egyptian constitution the speaker of parliament takes over, followed by the chief justice of the supreme court. that's academic as the military have been put in charge anyway. just two words for Bibi...HA HA.

At 12/2/11 12:15 pm, Blogger Chris Prudence said...

...the first of a new breed of youthful revolutionary leaders who have turned the mouse and the keyboard into weapons powerful enough to destroy dictatorships.

At 13/2/11 8:30 am, Blogger sdm said...

So Dave is calling for an international socialist revolution - well at least he is honest! The curious marraige between radical islam and socialism baffles me.

Now I want to be very clear - it is a wonderful thing that Mubarak has gone. But what makes you think pluralism will replace him? Given the MB's agenda.....

At 13/2/11 9:03 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh I've been waiting for you scotty - isn't it wonderful that an american backed dictatorship has been over thrown Scotty? Isn't it a joy seeing American oppression over thrown?

Haven't the right wing been silent on Egypt? - well other than your friend John Key scott who supported Mubarak - gosh wasn't that embarrassing? It's hard for the right wing to really say anything other than 'what about dem Muslims getting da vote' bogeyman islamophobic bullshit, the right can't can't really take any moral high ground here can they Scott? The right wing backed America's dictatorship and now the people of Egypt have overthrown them they just have bogeyman hysteria to rely on.

You could actually run Fox News Scott.

At 13/2/11 10:01 am, Blogger sdm said...

It is wonderful that it has been overthrown. And indeed let me say this - the problem for the US can not be understated - they have backed dictators whilst turning a blind eye to the oppression caused by those same dictators. No wonder there is resentment. No way am I going to defend that aspect of American foreign policy.

Here is the problem - what ground fills the vacuum? What happens if its the Muslim Brotherhood? What are the ramifications for the rest of the Middle east. What is the ramifications for the peace treaty with Israel?

At 13/2/11 10:15 am, Blogger sdm said...

opps ground = group

At 13/2/11 10:23 am, Blogger Bomber said...

No, no, no - the 'problem' is that you have a 'problem' Scott. It's not up to you OR America OR Israel who runs bloody Egypt - it's the people of Egypt who get to decide that. Perhaps your American and Israeli mates shouldn't have put a people under oppression for 3 decades? Maybe the military Aid that acts as corporate welfare for the American Military Industrial complex should have gone on fresh water, sanitation, schools and hospitals Scott?

The problem is that your mindset and the mindset of America and Israel is the problem - you and they don't have the right or moral authority to dictate who the Egyptians put in power - that is for them to decide.

The ramifications are that America and Israel will be shitting themselves, and quite frankly, I find that as deeply entertaining as the utter silence from the right wing watching their constructs of hypocrisy fail.

Don't cha love how 'realpolitik' was castrated in Egypt by something as innocuous as twitter and facebook? I'm glad America and Israel are shitting themselves now that their dictatorship has been overthrown.

At 13/2/11 10:59 am, Blogger sdm said...

Of course it is up to the Egyptian people who runs their country. I never suggested otherwise. Nor do I believe Israel/the US have the right to decide what government forms.

But I do ask you this - what kind of government do you think is going to form in Egypt, particually if the Muslim brotherhood is elected? Would you celebrate the cancellation of the Egyptian/Israel peace treaty?

At 13/2/11 3:08 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Your questions suggest otherwise Scott, you still display the hubris that underlines American Foreign policy - it's not up to you to decide who runs Egypt - if the people of Egypt elect the Muslim Brotherhood after 30 years of oppression that has radicalized the population - well that's the cost isn't it Scott?

Perhaps the lesson would be not to create that radicalization in the first place? I have zero interest in 'how this effects Israel' - IF it has any impact it should be that they end their oppressive occupation of Palestinian land, because no matter how long they impose their brutality, freedom in the end wins.

At 13/2/11 5:51 pm, Blogger sdm said...

I dont know how I can be any clearer, perhaps because I am right wing you have prejudged my thoughts in this regard. The people of egypt can elect any government they see fit. The resentment towards the US is justified, on the grounds that the US backed a brutal dictator. That is the backdrop for the radicalisation. I cant be any clearer.

It is the cost. The US has caused this! Fuck.

My point is, the overthrow of Mubarak does not equal pluralism. The 1979 Iranian revolution didnt!!!!

At 13/2/11 7:34 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Yes that's right Scott, America caused the radicalism of the 79 revolution in Iran and if they cause it again via their 30 year oppression of Egypt then that's the cost, it really isn't up to you or the West to decide for the people of Egypt what form of democracy they adopt.

Got to admit though, isn't it wonderful watching Israel squirm? They need to learn the lesson that oppressive occupation can't work, I think that lesson is slowly dawning, am looking forward to the concessions for peace they will be forced to adopt once a civilian Government opens up the Egypt Palestine border.

What a great week for freedom against American backed dictatorships eh Scott?

At 13/2/11 7:45 pm, Blogger sdm said...

But again you seem convinced that this will lead to democracy? What an earth has led you to that conclusion? It could lead to something far far worse than Mubarak.

Do you even recognise the right of Israel to exist? Or are you celebrating the fact that the Egyptians might have another go......

At 14/2/11 3:00 am, Blogger libertyscott said...

Egypt under repression for three decades? Things weren't better under Nasser (only marginally better under Sadat which was his downfall), in fact he ran quite the brutal police state, with Soviet backing. The Muslim Brotherhood was suppressed by him as well, but after he lost the Sinai due to his stupid inept leadership, that was him.

Egypt has no tradition of political freedom, and no one has ever supported it having one. Egyptians have a window of freedom, but I hope they don't vote to destroy the freedoms of their minorities.

At 14/2/11 7:55 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Egypt under repression for three decades?
Egypt under repression by an american backed dictatorship.

Surprised you even have the audacity to raise your voice on this Liberty Scott, you must have spent all weekend weeping the loss of an american backed dictatorship.

But again you seem convinced that this will lead to democracy? What an earth has led you to that conclusion? It could lead to something far far worse than Mubarak.

Do you even recognise the right of Israel to exist? Or are you celebrating the fact that the Egyptians might have another go.....

oh Scotty, I'm surprised it's only taken you this many posts to accuse me of anti-semitism, YAWN - it's about what the Egyptian people want Scott, not what Israel wants.

Lets all hope it teaches Israel that brutal oppressive occupations can't succeed. People want freedom in the end.


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