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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mainstream media blame Len Brown rather than Rodney Hide

Mayor's 'embarrassing' Maori Board backdown
Auckland's mayor is under fire for how he mishandled a controversial council vote on a multi-million dollar budget for the super-city's Maori Statutory Board.

How the hell is this ridiculous Maori appointments fiasco Len Brown's fault? IT IS RODNEY HIDE'S BLOODY LEGISLATION!!!

HE was the one who threatened to bring down the Government if Maori were allowed elected representation! HE was the one who who green lighted 38 unelected Maori onto 19 committees and HE was the one who rammed this entire mess through under a misuse of urgency minus any real scrutiny! Why are the mainstream media following right wing pretty boy Cameron Brewer's bullshit?

Right wing pretty boy Brewer isn't representing Auckland, he is representing Wellington!


At 11/2/11 7:25 pm, Blogger mickysavage said...

Hear hear Bomber and to those who may try to argue the point can I offer up the part of the NACT legislation that deals with the Maori Advisory Committee:

(1) To enable the board to carry out its purpose, perform its functions, and exercise its powers, the Auckland Council must meet the reasonable costs of—
(a) the board’s operations; and
(b) the board’s secretariat; and
(c) establishing committees under section 86; and
(d) seeking and obtaining advice under section 86.
(2) The board and the Council must make a funding agreement every year on the amount of money and the level of servicing that the Council is to provide to the board.
(3) The agreement must include the board’s work plan for the year.
(4) The agreement must include—
(a) the fees payable to the board’s members under clause 17; and
(b) provision for payment of reasonable expenses under clause 18.
(5) The board and the Council must negotiate the agreement in good faith.
(6) The agreement is to be made within a time that enables the board to continue to carry out its purpose without interruption.
(7) The board or the Council may initiate a review of the funding agreement by giving a written or electronic notice to the other party stating the terms of the review.

Yep, Len is only following Hide's instructions.

At 11/2/11 9:11 pm, Blogger Alma said...

Because the mainstream media are moronic and Maori bashing is far easier (and better for attracting advertising) than actual journalism. Because we are a nation of racists who still don't get that Maori should have an equal political voice. Because Len is bit left so he must be wrong. Because our media just say what they're told to. God it's depressing.

At 12/2/11 1:29 pm, Blogger Blondie said...

Totally agree with you Bomber, but for one thing - since when is Cameron Brewer "pretty"?


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